These Detailed, Precise and Vibrant Gelatin Cakes imitating Koi ponds are too real to eat.

These Detailed, Precise and Vibrant Gelatin Cakes imitating Koi ponds are too real to eat.

Cake artists on Instagram are making Koi pond cakes out of Gelatin cakes. Surprisingly, the cakes are super precise and look almost real.

Over the past few years, cake artists have been receiving a lot of recognition and appreciation for what they create. Artistic cakes are must on birthday parties nowadays.
All this has led to cake creators to invest more time in it and come up with even more interesting cakes. One such cake type I came across is the almost life-like Koi Pond cake made using gelatin.



This particular cake was made by Instagrammer and home baker @petrichoro (Grace) for Father's Day.



She made the cake using agar, a plant-based gelatin made from red algae. She also uploaded the process on her Instagram stories.





The cake was layered the cake with blueberry mousse, white chocolate mousse, and black sesame chiffon cake to represent all the different components and layers of a koi pond.



The best part is, everything in this cake is edible. Even the fish, lily pads, and cattail stems.




However, Grace is not the only baker who has tried to recreate Koi pond in her cakes. A Sydney-based Siew Boon of Jelly Alchemy also makes mesmerizing transparent cakes with an array of 3D designs inspired by nature.



Her cakes are just amazing.



Making such detailed cakes is not an easy task. The effort really shows.
Siew Boon details that each cake can take up to 5 hours to complete. Not only does it take a lot of patience, but it also takes a sharp eye to detail to get the perfect arrangement.



Look at the bubbles, how realistic.



These cakes come in different flavors including flavors like lychee, peach, pineapple, as well as coconut and rose.

Cakes are a way to make your day and mood better. Nowadays every celebration is incomplete without a celebration cake. Competing for that much demand in the world, the bakers and cake artists have begun to produce the same quality as required by the consumers. The numerous forms and designs of cakes that we see in each party leave us in surprise that how could that be made. Fondant cakes are one of those amazing forms of cakes that never cease to stun us. 
Such is the art of this cake artist who has exceptional talent in cake designing. Her cake designs are inspired by cloth embroidery and look as if the needlework is done. The detailing in the cakes is impressive. Have a look at some of her stunning designs that will leave you in awe too!

Article Source: Diply

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