These adorable rare gold possums look like the Pokémon Pikachu came to life.

These adorable rare gold possums look like the Pokémon Pikachu came to life.

Rare gold possums look exactly like real-life Pikachu, but don’t say ‘Pikachu, I choose you.’ It will not work.

Possums, in my opinion, are one of the most underrated furry animals out there. Come on, have you seen those adorable innocent eyes?



I am always on the lookout for cute yet different animals, and these rare golden possums are by far my favorite. They are an exact depiction of what a real-life Pikachu will look like.
Although I have forgotten the names of most of the Pokémon, I will never forget Pikachu.



I cannot believe how Golden possums have always been a thing, and I only came across them now. I don’t know about you, but that looks a heck of a lot like a Pikachu to me!
This is actually an Australian brushtail possum and is thought to be a mix of squirrel and a Northern pika. Most brushtail possums are brow, but due to a rare genetic mutation, some are golden. This mutation causes lower levels of melanin.



Unfortunately, when these guys are born in the wild, their likelihood of survival is low. Mainly because they cannot hide their light color. Nocturnal animals rely on their dark coloring to hide from predators, so if they don’t have that natural camouflage, they struggle to survive. The few in captivity are mostly rescues and live in sanctuaries.



If this was not enough to make your day, here, have a look at these adorable round Chinchillas. and this "Cross Fox" Its captivating eyes and resemblance to a Pokémon caught many people's attention and soon the stunning creature went viral on social media.

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