There Is A Book For Kids Growing Up In Non Traditional Families.

There Is A Book For Kids Growing Up In Non Traditional Families.

This colorful animated book is here to help kids embrace their family problems and unique family situations with a belief that what they are facing in life is no big deal and they are "not different" from other kids.

1. Written and illustrated by UK author Melanie McCluskey



Life is no fairytale and growing up, there are family conditions that children commonly face in life. What's worse is that kids isolate themselves from society in such situations and usually think that something is wrong the way their family functions and are usually too embarrassed about it to share it with others. This book, "I am not different" is here to challenge the stigma that is attached to the image of a 'perfect family.' 

The writer originally wrote the book for her own kids to teach them about alternative families and embracing their uniqueness.

The book is available to buy on Amazon and is called “I’m not different” and is written and illustrated by UK author Melanie McCluskey.

2. Based on colorful animations, the book helps kids understand and accept their family situation and to believe that they are no different than others




3. "I am not different"



4. Helping kids embrace their uniqueness and consider this as a normal part of life



5. An example of Bety's life who is living a happy life with her grandmother



6. A well-thought idea by the writers





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