The World's Loneliest Elephant, Kaavan, Not So Lonely Anymore!

The World's Loneliest Elephant, Kaavan, Not So Lonely Anymore!

The elephant, Kaavan, after spending 35 years in captivity in Pakistan, finally starts a new life in Cambodia with the help of many animal rights activists who joined hands to set it free.

Kaavan -the elephant, has suffered a lot during his 35 years of stay in a zoon in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Kaavan has been an isolated and mistreated elephant who lived in a small enclosure. He has been living a lonely life since his mate died in 2012. For decades, the world's loneliest elephant has entertained crowds from his small, barren patch of land in a Pakistani zoo. The chains around Kaavan's legs slowly left permanent scars. He drifted slowly into psychosis and obesity.


kaavan at Islamabad Zoo


Thanks to a wide-reaching and lengthy campaign led by Cher, Kaavan's misery was finally over when he reached Cambodia on Monday, 30th November 2020.

Kaavan was welcomed to Cambodia by superstar Cher to begin a new life at a specialized sanctuary.


Cher helped rescue Kaavan


According to the veterinarian, Amir Khalil from the animal welfare organization Four Paws, Kaavan had developed psychological problems as a result of his past. He said that Kaavan was alone after the death of a female elephant eight years ago. Khalil won his trust with music: he sang Frank Sinatra’s classic for him over and over again.


Living in a small enclosure


Pop icon Cher also traveled to Pakistan to accompany the elephant. She had campaigned for Kaavan’s freedom from grim conditions in the Islamabad Zoo since 2016.

The team of the animal welfare organization Vier Pfoten examined Kaavan for travel fitness in September.

At the Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia, in the north of the kingdom, preparations have been made for weeks. Kaavan is to be housed in a smaller enclosure first to get used to his new surroundings. Later, Kaavan should be able to move freely in the beautiful nature.


Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary


The 36-year-old bull elephant with 200kilos of food was transported to Cambodia from Pakistan on a jumbo Russian cargo plane!

Transporting an adult elephant was not an easy task. The trunk of Kaavan was packed with 200 kilos of food to feed him for the seven-hour flight and the transport crate was installed with a tube system to handle up to 58 gallons of urine.


Kaavan starting his journey



cargo plane ready to take Kaavan



 Kaavan was welcomed in Cambodia by monks who offered him fruits, chanted prayers, and sprinkle holy water over him!


Monks Welcome Kaavan


As Kaavan reached Cambodia, he was welcomed by the Monks. The monks offered fruits to him, chanted prayers as a ritual, and sprinkle holy water on his crate. He was then loaded onto a truck for  Road journey to his final home, the Wildlife Sanctuary in Oddar Meanchey province. Cambodian Sanctuary already hosts three female elephants.

Deputy environment minister of Cambodia, Neth Pheaktra said that he was pleased to welcome Kaavan. No longer will he be 'the world's loneliest elephant!'


Kaavan makes a new friend at the Sanctuary

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