The 'Wore it Once' Basket That would let you dump your Clothes Into It, Instead of Hanging them back.

The 'Wore it Once' Basket That would let you dump your Clothes Into It, Instead of Hanging them back.

Sick of hanging your clothes back while returning home tired? Here is a striking solution to save your room from being a mess of clothes every time!

Sick of the mess of clothes always lying on your floor? Here is a good solution for each and every teenager out there who hates hanging up their clothes after returning home. 
It's still a mystery why every teenager hates to hang their clothes back but secretly everybody has faced this. You might get scolded for your room being super messy every time but we being lazy will never hang the clean clothes back to their places.

Here is a laundry basket for those who have their clean clothes lying on the floor every day. The basket reads "wore it once and don't wanna hang them back", because these might be the clothes which you have worn only once and you are feeling lazy to hang them back. The basket is so comfortable, that you only have to stuff those clothes into it and your room will be neat and clean in just a few seconds!


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You have no idea how cosy does I feel by just knowing that it exists and is easily available on Walmart for $2.50 only. 




A seller on Etsy is selling almost the same article but it's a drawstring bag and costs around $12. This product is perfect for teenagers who will never hang their clothes back especially the college students who would barely care about their messy rooms. So if you want your room to look a bit cleaner and managed then straight away buy this basket and rest in peace.


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Let's just hope that we use this basket for organising our room or else another product will be launching reading " Don't wanna hang my clothes back up neither do I want to put them in the basket!"


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You can find it at Etsy and Walmart on sale for $2.50 right now.


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