The Super Blood Moon Today Might Cause Multiple Breakups Today

The Super Blood Moon Today Might Cause Multiple Breakups Today

Super blood moon is going to happen tonight with a mercury retrograde that leads people and some signs to behave strangely with emotions involved. The extreme changes in emotions and mood is because of this super blood moon with a total lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse will occur during the full moon on May 26, and it will be the first total lunar eclipse since January 2019. The happening of both things together is why it's called Super blood moon. Its also known as the Full flower moon. What's going to happen is that the moon is going to be fully obscured by the earth’s shadow, giving it a reddish hue.




Well, listen up what's the most important thing that has dragged you here which is, that due to certain breakups, mood changes, and illogical fights the consequences remain logical and the circumstances might be urging you to consider new beginnings.

No, we've not gone mad but the super Blood Moon happening in the skies right now, could be responsible for any changes in mood.




Astrology enthusiasts among us will know that the moon serves as an emotional compass and holds great power over our emotions. And as a full moon is typically associated with more 'wild' behaviors then you know what would occur if the full moon is accompanied by a total lunar eclipse. People and especially fiery signs are going to be affected the most with more intense feelings. You can grow tired, annoyed, and even angsty with your partner or with their usual habits.




So primarily those of us who have fire-based star signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are going to be particularly affected by the Super Flower Blood moon - the latter the most affected. Australian astrologer and spiritual adviser Rose Smith has deeply viewed the subject and has shared her views. She said, “A lot of relationships are going to break up in this period - all signs, everybody will be affected - but fire signs will bear the brunt of it."

About the mercury retrograde she explained as this is going to occur along with the super blood moon, she said, “Mercury retrogrades are about miscommunications and misunderstandings in relationships and problems with technology – so back up your devices for one.” 




The Super Flower Blood Moon will only be visible for those in Asia, Australia, South America, and large swathes of the United States. So better stay calm, optimistic, and understanding with your partner’s ways especially women because they tend to get in emotional warps easily.

Article source: News.com.au

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