The pandemic-induced lockdown has been a nightmare for The Radfords, Britain’s biggest family.

The pandemic-induced lockdown has been a nightmare for The Radfords, Britain’s biggest family.

The Radfords reveal that lockdown with 22 children has been nothing less than a nightmare for them. "They've eaten us out of house and home," she admits - as the family have their weekly food shop delivered.

Lockdown has been tough on us all but can you imagine living in a locked house with 22 children? Oof! I cannot.
The Radfords, also known as Britain’s biggest family, have revealed that the lockdown has been nothing less than a nightmare for them. The parents of Britain's largest family have admitted that lockdown has been challenging with their huge brood, and judging by the clip below, you can probably understand why:




Sue and Noel, the parents, have a whopping 22 kids and are set to star in a new Channel 5 show called 22 Kids and Counting. In the trailer, the mom, 45, tells the camera that with lockdown keeping the kids at home, their food bills have been soaring.
She says,

“They've eaten us out of house and home.”




Incredibly, the family works their way through 16 pints of milk and four loaves of bread every single day, alongside 24 toilet rolls and three tubes of toothpaste each week. Yikes!
In one of their interviews, Sue revealed,

“Our food bill has nearly doubled as the children are constantly eating.”




Food is not the only issue here. The amount of housework and laundry has hit new levels leaving her feeling 'like Cinderella'. She added,

"If I could say the one thing that really does drive me insane in this house, it's got to be the laundry. On an average day, I can be doing four to five loads of washing. It's never-ending."




The couple still has 18 of their children living with them. Hence, apart from laundry, food, and work issues, they also have to deal with home-schooling their kids.
In the first episode of the show, Sue is just about to give birth to baby number 22 - a little girl they call Heidie - as well as dealing with the pandemic. In a short preview clip for the show, Noel admits:

“We often get asked, 'How do you run such a big family?' And it's usually down to routine. But there's just been none of that [in lockdown]. We're really clutching at straws trying to think of things to do to keep them occupied. Six or seven weeks for summer is hard enough but we're getting on to six months now. It's just a nightmare.”




Unfortunately, the family's bakery business has also felt the impact of the pandemic piling on more pressure. The father explained,

“It's about £30,000 just to keep the house going and feed everybody. So, it's a lot of pies we've got to sell to support us all! It's a huge responsibility having 22 kids. I try not to let it get to me.”

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