The new £253 million ‘Mega Prison' in the United Kingdom has no bars and offers river view.

The new £253 million ‘Mega Prison' in the United Kingdom has no bars and offers river view.

The UK's first privately run mega-prison is nearing completion, HMP Five Wells looks a bit different to traditional prisons, featuring barless windows, shorter corridors and impressive views across a fishing lake and the River Nene.

With no bars on the windows and shorter passageways, HMP Five Wells aims to modernize the classic jail image.

It is intended to place a greater emphasis on rehabilitation, with individuals who live there being classified as Category C inmates.

Some of the accommodations will have views of the River Nene as well as a fishing lake, which has already made headlines.

HMP Five Wells is expected to open next January (Picture: Splash News)


Inside the UK's first privately run mega-prison,' new photos have emerged.

HMP Five Wells differs from ordinary jails in that it has no bars on the windows, shorter corridors, and stunning views of a fishing lake and the River Nene.



The £253 million prisons will have a capacity of 1,680 prisoners, making it England's largest.

While some have expressed concerns about the usage of windows without bars, a jail official claims that the unique laminated glass used is really more protective.



The spokesperson said:

"Secure, sealed windows with toughened glass and narrow vents will be used in all cells in future prisons and is just one of the measures being put in place to help stop drugs and illicit mobile phones.
"These windows are difficult to break, making them more effective in stopping prisoners from accessing contraband.'

"Been a busy day on site today but took the time to capture a couple of images for you," the jail's official Twitter account wrote, sharing photographs of the inside of the facility.

Credit: Twitter


HMP Wellingborough, which closed in 2012, is being replaced by a new prison.

HMP Five Wells' structural work is now complete, and contractors are working on the inside with the goal of having it up and operating and receiving prisoners by January.
G4s, a private security firm, will manage it.

Instead of the typical K-shaped structure employed in prison blocks, the jail's structures are fashioned in the shape of crosses.

The buildings have been built in a cross shape instead of a more traditional K shape (Picture: Splash News)


Solar panels will be installed on the roof, and there will be four football pitches and a horticulture space outdoors for offenders to get some exercise.

The main location for education, technical programs, and social services is also in the works and environment-friendly. Take a look at this video by the Ministry of Justice on using green technologies to build prisons now.



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