The Late Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Makes A 500k Donation For A Facility For Homeless People In His Will.

The Late Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Makes A 500k Donation For A Facility For Homeless People In His Will.

Alex Trebek is an ideal when it comes to generosity and kindness. The late host has funded a matter so close to his heart that was Homelessness. He made a donation of 500k from his will to Hope of the Valley to make a center for homeless people.

“Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek, someone who was loved by all. We can't even see a replacement of him in any face. Neither someone too kind and woke comes to our mind. He has been the host of Jeopardy for years and was seen in so many households at most of the evenings.



Even after he died, his kindness is still here which we can see in different forms. First, his wardrobe was donated to people who were jobless and were on their first interviews. Then a huge donation to Hope valley and now it came out that he and his wife Jean have made another generous donation to a Southern California homeless outreach center as it was written in his will.




The hope of the Valley Rescue Mission founder Ken Craft claimed the funds a few days back that the 500k donation would be directed toward a new San Fernando Valley homeless shelter that could be ready to go as early as May 2021.



This new donation will be honored by the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. This will be hosted by them and a brand new homeless shelter The Trebek Center will be initiated. Alex and his wife, Jean‘s, $500k donation is the lead gift in Hope of the Valley’s construction project, which is about to convert what used to be a 23,000 sq. ft San Fernando Valley roller rink. The donation for a homeless center is proof of how much Trebek cared for people not only locally but globally as well.

The Trebek Center will break ground on May 15, and when the renovation is complete it is planned to be a 107-bed housing facility that will serve as what’s called “bridge housing”. It means it will be a bridge between the people on the streets and now they have permanent housing.




The facility is known as the Trebek Center. Moreover, its residents will have access to a full array of onsite social services including mental health services, job training, and placement and substance abuse counseling too. 

Article source: Diply

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