The Internet Is Impressed by the Runner Clocking 19mph on Treadmill Easily.

The Internet Is Impressed by the Runner Clocking 19mph on Treadmill Easily.

A runner called Daphne has gone viral on social media after running 19mph on a treadmill with ease. UbrZati shared the video on Tiktok, which has now around eight million views. The video shows a number of different runners trying to hold the rapid 19mph pace on the treadmill.

Recently, a video showing runners hitting speeds of over 19 miles per hour has gone viral on the Internet. What's more astonishing is one runner, Daphne, who's running easily without breaking a sweat at this speed.

While the clip shows four athletes running at an impressive speed, viewers were most taken by Daphne’s nonchalant style.
The clip was shared on TikTok by the ubrZati training facility in Florida. It was then posted by espnW on Twitter. The video has gained nearly eight million people views up till now.




According to the ubrZati website, the training facility aims to “build an athlete’s speed, power, agility, and endurance, along with teaching optimal running form/efficiency for peak performance.”

UbrZati has shared further videos of Daphne on TikTok, showing off some of her best runs and even portraying her as a video game player. The video captions read 'Base Mode Edition', 'Glasses Edition', '19mph Jog Edition' and 'Yellow Shirt Edition'.




Daphne has now amassed a number of fans on TikTok. She took it to Twitter to show appreciation for everyone's comments. She said, "Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support! @UbrZati thanks for pushing me to become the best athlete that I can be!"

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