The internet is falling in love with this majestic cat.

The internet is falling in love with this majestic cat.

Lotus, a majestic and huge Maine Coon is taking over the internet. People are falling in love with how cute yet majestic he looks.

One of the things that social media has brought with its advent is that anybody can get famous. Something similar happened to Lotus, a biscuit and white-colored Main Coon who was just purring about his life.



Of course, the first thing you notice about little (not very much) Lotus is that he is a big boy.



He is only three years old but already weighs 22 pounds. Hence, underneath all that floof, you will still find a big boy.



Usually, Maine Coons are considered large; however, for the particular breed, Lotus is still considered pretty large. Here is Lotus having food with one of his owners (or should I say, slave).



If we talk about Maine coons, females usually weigh around 9 to 16 pounds while males usually weigh around 13 to 18 pounds. Hence, Lotus here definitely wins on that front.



Lotus even has an Instagram profile of his own under the handle @lotus_the_maincoon, and trust me; the pictures are too cute to handle.
Here check this selfie out.



He also has a grey colored sister with whom he often cuddles.





Article source: Diply

Images source: Instagram

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