The Idaho couple turned the idea of a chicken coop into a full-blown UFO spaceship!

The Idaho couple turned the idea of a chicken coop into a full-blown UFO spaceship!

The couple who loves to raise chickens also have a shared passion for UFO's. And they thought to go for both things in one take and designed a brilliant UFO spaceship coop for their chickens who are happy with alien idea too.

DIYs have filled the internet and you can almost do anything by following them. A UFO coop DIY for chickens was seen on the internet that surprised all and made the UFO nerds want to try it all.

Brett Wilson and Ellen DeAngelis love raising chickens together, and they also have another shared passion that is UFOs. This led to making a UFO coop.


Backyard chickens


This artistic couple put forward a brilliant coop idea that is also anticipating for the sci-fi nerds and they will wish to look into it too. The couple said,

"When we expanded our flock this Summer, we knew a larger coop would be necessary. As an artistic couple, I knew it couldn't be just any coop..... and as UFO nerds, we had the perfect plan!"




The couple had a very quick design process as there were few "up-cycle" options that would get them a classic UFO shape. They located two 10 foot dishes on the local Craigslist page and jumped straight into the project. 


Backyard chickens


The couple belongs to Idaho and they knew that they have to complete it before winter for the chicks. They worked hard and smartly on the spaceship designing it with colours and neon lights. Read more about it on Backyard chickens.


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The cherry on top was the aluminum paint to provide the typical UFO style and also the waterproofing feature. The paint also gave off the cool feelings as they will reflect sunlight to protect the chickens in hot summers.




The ready spaceship coop looked brilliant and it looked as if the chickens had found their alienated sides as they were happily hopping into the ship.

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Article and Image source: Diply

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