The family gets the best surprise from military dad during their Father’s Day shoot

The family gets the best surprise from military dad during their Father’s Day shoot

Father surprises children in between their Father’s Day shoot. The photographer captured beautiful emotional moments.

Being an Army brat, I know how difficult it is to deal with a parent’s deployment every now and this. This is what the McKenzie family was going through when their father’s deployment in Qatar was cut short due to the ongoing global pandemic.
To make his homecoming memorable, McKenzie's mom decided to give their children a surprise. The couple has four offspring, Caleb, 21, Blake, 8, Grey, 7, and 5-year-old Lawton.



Although Caleb was out of town, the other three were in for a surprise.



Their mother worked a plan out with their photographer Sanchez. The children were having a cute shoot for Father’s Day. In their mind, they were taking pictures that would be sent to their father deployed in Qatar.



Since the children were no stranger to being separated from one another, they were not suspecting their father to make such an entry.
As the children were posing for pictures to be sent to their father, Lt. Col. McKenzie stepped out of the SUV from the back in his uniform and made a surprise entrance in a field near the Air Force Base where they were shooting.



Kristin and Sanchez were the only ones who knew of the plan, and the only ones who knew who was inside that white SUV that pulled up on the road behind the family during the shoot.



The big reveal was a super emotional moment. The children clung to their father like there was no tomorrow.



Kristen McKenzie said, 

“They were honestly stunned and not sure what they were looking at when he walked up behind us. After a few seconds of pure shock, they let out screams and squeals of joy. The 8-year-old just buried herself in his side and sobbed.”



The collection of photos taken that day was later shared by Sanchez online, and they have understandably gone viral. People are loving how beautifully the emotional moments were captured.

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Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Facebook

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