Meet Chava The Cutest Munchkin Kitten Who Sleeps Like A Human!

Meet Chava The Cutest Munchkin Kitten Who Sleeps Like A Human!

Little munchkin Chava Sleeps like us humans with her back completely flat and it takes a minute to adjust to the view and believe she is fine!

At this point where we stand right now, we have talked quite a lot about the sensation of cats. Every other day we see a cute, furry and a little innocent cat with some quality of it that makes it more attractive. 




So in a nutshell, cats are this centurys' unicorn! But sometimes, the reason for the obsession with them may vary, and this happens if only we see some animal do something very relatable. Such as this cute little kitten sleeping like a baby human with her back on the floor. 




Like the way this cat's pictures were gone viral indicates people are more than just interested. Also, this cat named Chata, lies down with her back on the floor and it seems she is too tired to even move. 




Chata was born in April 2019 and lives with her mother Cava. Other than this quality, she is still beautiful and furry and so cute!

Cat lovers went crazy over the cute pictures of this cat and it seems that they aren't forgetting it any time soon.

This viral cat was 7-months-old when her pictures got the internet by storm and her Instagram has more than 124k followers now. The munchkin cat has stout, corgi-like legs, and obviously their breed plays a role in why these cute cats can sleep flat. 




Some people named Chava's sleeping postion to be a total mood and feeling which says, always tired! 




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