'Snot What You Think: This Clever Egg Separator Will Have You Reaching For Tissues!

'Snot What You Think: This Clever Egg Separator Will Have You Reaching For Tissues!

If you''re the kind of person who likes campy kitchen items, then this sickly, snotty egg separator is just what you need!

Ever wanted a kitchen item that looks like a stuffy old man trying to clear his nose? Do you crave for a campy kitchen tool that will help you have that egg white omelet while leaving you disgusted at the same time?

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Look no further than The Bogeyman: a handy little kitchen tool that helps you separate eggs flawlessly while leaving you confused with your life decisions at the same time. Allow us to explain why, though. 

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The Bogeyman is a work of art, to be honest. The ceramic egg separator has been molded to the likeness of an upset man who just wants to be left alone. His giant nose is eye-catching thanks to the fact that it sticks comically out of his face and looks as though it is slowly going pink with irritation. 


That's exactly what makes this egg separator so wildly gross. Now to get a perfectly separated egg, all you have to do is crack an egg into The Bogeyman's hollowed-out head. Then pick up the separator and tip it over as you would gravy over mashed potatoes. 

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The clever piece of engineering allows the egg white to flow through The Bogeyman's nostril, making it look like the poor ceramic fool has caught the world's worst cold.  This whacky egg separator's nostrils basically prevent the egg yolk from mixing with the egg white. Clever and disgusting at the same time!


The Bogeyman is available on Amazon and has been listed as the perfect gift for your mum, dad, uncle, niece, nephew, brother, sister...the list goes on.

Source: Amazon

Safe to say that The Bogeyman is the perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humor...or really bad allergies. 


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