The wedding photographer community "This Is Reportage" recognizes the best candid wedding photos in the world.

The wedding photographer community "This Is Reportage" recognizes the best candid wedding photos in the world.

What’s more precious than the awestruck candids of your big day? This Is Reportage loves to feature the best, unscripted shots of wedding photographers. It held a wedding photography competition this year. Many of the pictures from 2020 also show how the covid pandemic changed couples' ceremonies.

Everyone is too excited for their big day. The brides especially, want to keep in check every detail regarding their big day's dress up. But even before finalizing the bride's and groom's dress, a few other things are considered-the date, venue, arrangements, photography, and so on. While ticking off the to-do list, both the partners look for professional photographers too. It is because when they have put effort into everything, it needs to be beautifully clicked. The pictures remind us of the essence of the memorable day every time we see them.

If we look over this year, the scenario was not the same. The plans took a 360° change when the pandemic hit the globe. The unexpected situation brought stress for all the couples when they have had everything already planned. But at the same time, they didn't want to wait or postpone their wedding. So, they arranged small, intimate weddings. However, the weddings didn't go exactly as they planned due to the obvious reasons. But still, they went well and, indeed, memorable due to the same reason.

You might have heard about a platform for the wedding photographers-This Is Reportage. It features raw, natural, and unposed wedding pictures from all over the world. For a wedding photography competition, 2020, it received over 12,000 submissions from covid weddings worldwide. The judges picked out 133 entries for Reportage Awards (individual captures) and 47 photographs for Story Awards (series of images). Scroll down to see a few amazing shots selected by judges.

Federic Ariemma



Tom Tomeij



Logan Westom



Ricardo Meira



Citlalli Rico



Valter Antunes



Valter Antunes



David Szabo



Lori-Anne Crewe



Franck Petit



Steve Bagness



Courtney Larson



Chelsea Cannar



Chelsea Cannar



Kevin Kheffache



Kevin Murphy



Patrick Lombaert



Fabio Mirulla



Mateusz Dobrowolski



Lyndsey Goddard



Phil Voon



Phil Voon


You can see more of This Is Reportage's award-winning photos here.


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