'Cheese Said Yes!': You Can Now Get A Wedding Cake Made Entirely Of Cheese!

'Cheese Said Yes!': You Can Now Get A Wedding Cake Made Entirely Of Cheese!

Not everyone prefers traditional methods when it comes to weddings. So if you're looking to host a unique yet cheesy wedding, we've got just the thing for you!

It shouldn't come as a surprise that wedding cakes can often cost a fortune! Therefore, in recent times many couples have started replacing them with everything from doughnuts to macaroons.

Some even settle on wheels of cheese stacked over one another. And we, for one, definitely respect their admiration for cheese! 

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What's more, not every person leans towards the conventional methods with regards to weddings, and for those of us who favor savory over sweet, picking a wedding cake can be quite dubious.

But not anymore! Retail giant Tesco is, at last, offering an alternative for all the savory souls out there - a five-tier cake made completely out of cheese.

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Priced at just $34, it's easy on the wallet as well. Every tier is an alternate kind of cheese, beginning with coastal cheese at the base, then the Red Leicester cheese, Blue Stilton:registered: cheese, Wensleydale cheese with sweetened dried cranberries and sweetened dried blueberries, and topping it off with St Endellion Brie full fat soft mold ripened cheese.

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The cake weights approximately three kilograms and must be requested six days ahead of time due to preparation formalities. Tesco says that it'll cheerfully serve 23 individuals, so in case you're having a major festival you may need to arrange a couple of them. Which isn't that expensive, honestly! 

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The tiers don't accompany saltines or chutney, however, you can likewise get them at Tesco, alongside a selection of grapes to serve for your visitors. Or then again, if their selection doesn't interest you, Tesco isn't the only store offering a cheese wedding cake. 

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TheFoodMarket.com additionally sells a five-level alternative for $74 that incorporates two sorts of brie and three kinds of cheese, however, is lighter than the Tesco cake weighing 2.5kg. On the off chance that you want to go premium, Waitrose likewise offers a cheese wedding cake.

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It is just three-level yet weighs almost two-fold than the Tesco and TheFoodMarket.com rendition at 5.5kg and is produced using cheese, stilton, and Cornish Yarg. Yumbles.com even sells a $282 rendition that has an incredible eight levels of cheeses which are all mind-boggling, natural English cheeses.

Source: Waitrose


Moreover, there are a lot of other alternatives for unique wedding cakes that aren't, well, cakes. From wild waffle cakes dribbling in maple syrup to flapjack cakes for an early lunch wedding or maybe even a macaroon tower or a cake produced using several crepes, so just let your heart fulfill it's desire, after all, you deserve it! 

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