Thanks To The New Photo With Blowing Hair In The Wind, Donald Trump Has Become The Center Of Memes.

Thanks To The New Photo With Blowing Hair In The Wind, Donald Trump Has Become The Center Of Memes.

Recently Mr Trump found himself entangled in a situation when a picture of him caught in the wind got viral.  Twitter at its best took the opportunity to come up with memes and entertain social media dutifully.



President of the United States, Donald Trump often finds himself the center of attention. Sometimes it's because of his views expressed on Twitter and the rest of the time it's because of his pictures which later become the center of memes.  



The picture shows Mr. Trump making his way back to the White House with his hair blowing back with the wind. However, what has caught Twitter's attention is not Mr. Trump blowing hair but it's his skin changing color from his hairline. 

The snap was taken yesterday by photographer William Moon, who uses the Twitter account @photowhitehouse - despite the Twitter handle, Moon is not affiliated with the White House and isn't a member of the White House News Photographers Association.

Alongside the photo, he wrote: "@realDonaldTrump⁩ returns to the White House from Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by William Moon at the South Lawn of the White House on February 7, 2020".





It wasn't long before the Internet got hold of the picture and everyone captioned the picture in their own way. One person wrote, "My man looks like he fell asleep while eating a lasagne". Another one commented, "If you can't manage your own face, you shouldn't manage the country", and "Me after watching exactly one makeup YouTube".

Others compared him to the sun out of Teletubbies and even a 'reverse panda'.





It is said the reason behind Mr. Trump's forever glowy look is the tanning bed that he carries with himself everywhere, according to former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman who wrote a book about the president. 

The Vanity Fair though claims that Mr. Trump likes to put on his own translucent makeup before making an appearance on TV to avoid appearing "too orange on-screen."

Vox claims Mr. Trump has previously said energy-efficient light bulbs are to blame for his perma-tan. While in a rally in Milwaukee, he said, "The new light bulb costs five times as much, and it makes you look orange. And I was more interested in the orange than I was in the cost."



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