Thai Navy Officer Jumps Into Water And Swims To Save Four Cats From A Rapidly Sinking Boat.

Thai Navy Officer Jumps Into Water And Swims To Save Four Cats From A Rapidly Sinking Boat.

Thatsaphon Saii, 23, realized the direness of the situation and jumped into action. He put on a life jacket and dove into the sea in an effort to rescue the cats. He swam about 50 ft and acted fast on the quickly sinking boat. One by one, he took the cats on his shoulders...

Here’s a moving story about four kittens at sea, that was almost a cat-astrophe. A boat was capsized in the middle of deep waters near the island of Koh Adang, and eight distressed crew members called for help. Despite the quick rescue effort, the Royal Thai Navy had to re-check the capsized boat for a possibility of an oil spill. When the officers approached the boat, it was already on its way down to the depths. The four cats were hanging on for their life on a crane-like structure.


The Thai Navy Spotted The Sinking Boat


One of the officers onboard, Thatsaphon Saii, 23, immediately took his shirt off, put on a life vest, and swam 50 feet in an effort to save the cats.
Thatsaphon Saii realized the direness of the situation and that time was of the essence here, didn’t waste any time and jumped into action.


Officer Saii jumped into action


He immediately put on a life jacket and dived into the sea to rescue the stuck cats waiting for a miracle. He swam about 50 feet towards the sinking boat. The boat was quickly sinking and the fires were starting to spread, the officer didn’t have much time to save the cats.  One by one, he took the cats on his shoulders and swam back and forth between the two boats.


Rescuing the cats



Rescuing the cats



Rescuing the cats



Rescuing the cats


Thankfully, because of the prompt response of Saii, all four cats were rescued.
As the four cats finally landed on relatively firm ground of the Royal Thai Navy boat, the officers could finally breathe a sigh of relief as they watched the unfortunate boat in flames, sink deep into the sea.


The rescued cats


As for the vessel, the story isn’t over yet! The officials said that its oil tank is prone to leaking which is very dangerous for the environment. The Navy is contacting related agencies in order to salvage the wreckage before the environmental damage gets out of hand. Oil spillages cause great damage to the coral reefs and eventually settle on the seabed, which endangers the flora and the fauna even further.

The rescued cats were then taken to the command post on the island Koh Lipe. Now the four cats reside in the loving arms of the Royal Thai Navy.


The rescued cats are now under the care of The Thai Navy



The rescued cats are under the care of Thai Navy



The rescuer and the rescued, sharing a moment


The hero of the story, who rescued these four lovely cats, was relieved that they managed to save them.  He was sure that the cats would probably have drowned or died of thirst otherwise.
The story inspired many, and some even went so far as to illustrate the heroic effort and how the Navy adopted the fortunate cats.



illustration of the heroic rescue


illustration of the hero rescuing the cats


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