In An Inspiring New Challenge, Teenagers Start Viral #FillTheBottle Trend With An Aim To Tidy Up The Cigarette Butts

In An Inspiring New Challenge, Teenagers Start Viral #FillTheBottle Trend With An Aim To Tidy Up The Cigarette Butts

This new challenge that has been trending globally is aspiring people for all the right reasons. #FillTheBottle challenge is an initiative by a group of teenagers in France in an effort to spread a positive message across the world. Read the story and get inspired by this new viral trend.

1. Hope For The New Generation




We have heard of all sorts of crazy trends in the past. Though started for fun most of these were stupid and dangerous. Remember the tide pod challenge? The challenge dared teenagers to put detergent in their mouths. This resulted in serious casualties. Few months back, “the vacuum challenge” was the new-offbeat challenge that led teenagers to vacuum seal themselves into a bin bag. These trends compelled us to think about where this generation is heading to?

Fortunately for some, there is still hope left. A new viral challenge #FillTheBottle has recently kickstarted social media. The trend encourages people all over the world to help clean up the discarded cigarette butts. The trend is an initiative of an 18-year old Amel Talha. Talha had the idea because of her friend Jason Prince's tweet two weeks back. Tweeting a picture of an empty water bottle that he'd filled with cigarette butts, Prince had tweeted: “20 minutes to fill this 1 litre bottle in an area of less than 50m. This is extremely serious.”

2. #FillTheBottle Challenge Trending Globally




Soon a mutual friend Christian Musitu Swamu retweeted the post with the caption, “It isn't much, but if everybody did it, that would be something cool.” Realizing that her friend's idea needed a hashtag that will attract the attention on mass level, Talha came up with a better idea. She reposted the tweet and captioned “#FillTheBottle would be cool I think.”

Talha's idea was a major hit and the trend became viral from Bulgaria and Switzerland to South Africa and Tahiti. Within the matter of few hours, thousands of people joined the cause and updated their efforts on social media encouraging others to join the challenge and play their part.






5. The Purpose Behind This Idea Is To Wake People Up



Talha is a medical student who will be resuming her studies in September. She told LADbible, “I think it is very important to make people realise that this movement is here to make them wake up, make them realise that the situation is critical, that we have to do something and now.” She advised the public to install apps such as Too Good To Go to cut down on waste or Ecosia to promote tree planting and picking trash, something she and her friends have been following for quite a while now.

6. "We All Have To Do Small Actions If We Want To Live In A Better World"





Talha has been working with the French company MéGo to dispose of the cigarette butts. The company works on recycling filters by processing them into plastic products, including ashtrays. The aspiring teenager plans to take part in a major climate march in September, added: “We all have to do small actions if we want to live in a better world. We don't have to do something big!”



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