Teenager Creates A Website That Tracks All The Information Related To Coronavirus.

Teenager Creates A Website That Tracks All The Information Related To Coronavirus.

In the midst of all the chaos related to Coronavirus, everyone wants to get information that is authentic and real and not some hoax. This 17-year old teenager has created a website that contains all global information regarding the virus from the right sources.

1.  With the spread of virus, everyone is confused and scared



Coronavirus has taken a massive hit on the world and apparently, everyone is worried about this mysterious virus that has become the reason for collapsing economies and uncountable deaths. Coronavirus is like a fear of the unknown and the way it is spreading to the world it is really scary because it seems like no one is safe at all at any corner of the world. 

Considering the state of panic right now, this teenager Avi Schiffmann from Washington state has come up with a brilliant idea. With confusion regarding the symptoms and treatment of the disease, Avi has created a website that tracks all the information regarding the virus throughout the globe. The site also provides useful information and facts about this virus.

Avi has been working for hours every day to make the site better and better and millions of people are using it too. 

2. The website collects its information from authentic sources




The website was launched back in December 2019 and Avi has been working on its improvement since then. The website updates the numbers every ten minutes by using data from sources like the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local health departments. 

3. Avi wanted to create a site where he could put all the information at one place





“I thought it would be cool if there was a website that could pull in all the information from all kinds of sources,” said Avi in an interview with TODAY. “I mainly wanted to create something that would show the data as accurately as possible because there has been a lot of misinformation.” The man is constantly adding new features and says the website is going to adapt as it goes along. “In the future, it might be less interesting to know there are five cases in France. We might be more interested in knowing the percentage increase from last week to this week,” Avi added.

4. The Doctors’ Association UK talks about this virus






“A coronavirus is the name for a large group of viruses that can cause illness and COVID-19 is the most recently discovered type. It is contagious, which means it can be caught from other people infected with the virus,” said The Doctors’ Association UK in an interview with Bored Panda. “COVID-19 has spread quickly partly due to the fact that it spreads through droplets in the air, which are expelled when somebody coughs or exhales. Others breathe the droplets in or touch surfaces contaminated with them and then touch their own eyes, nose or mouth. It has therefore spread quickly and easily in places where people are in close contact with others.”

“We also live in a world where people travel often and quickly between countries and continents which further added to the speed at which it spread. Another factor is that it has only recently been discovered which means that it is unlikely that our bodies will have encountered the virus before and therefore will not have built an immune response to it already. We also do not currently have a vaccine for it although this is being developed,” said the Association.

5. Avi spends hours every day working on the site




“COVID-19 was newly discovered when it broke out in China, which means we knew very little about it until a couple of months ago. However new information is coming in all the time which helps to guide the measures we take to combat it,” said The Doctors’ Association UK. They say this makes it difficult to compare the coronavirus to the flu which they know much more about and have also have developed vaccines for.

“For the majority of people, COVID-19 will cause mild symptoms with around 80% recovering without needing medical attention. However, for more vulnerable groups, for example, the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions, there is a higher chance of becoming seriously ill requiring treatment in hospital,” added the Association.

“Currently, the best advice is vigilant hand washing and self-isolation when indicated. We have a collective responsibility to listen to the advice given to protect the most vulnerable in our society and ensure that the resources we have are used in the most effective way,” concluded the Association.

6. People are applauding Avi for his commendable public work









Image credits: avischiffmann

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