Teenager Accidentally Moves Into A Retirement Community In A New State.

Teenager Accidentally Moves Into A Retirement Community In A New State.

A 19-year-old teenager decides to move into a new state after recently entering into adulthood. But things turned out as if it's a real life sitcom when she signed a lease for an apartment in a retirement community with the site unseen. Her TikTok videos went viral where she recorded how it is to li

Entering into adulthood can be a quite thrilling experience and this 19-year-old teenager saw it immediately when she was moving out from her parents house in Oklahoma to Arkansas. 

But just imagine the shock and helplessness you'll go through where you are new and you’ve mistakenly moved yourself into a senior citizen apartment complex. It looked like a sitcom and when the girl recorded her experience and posted it on TikTok, the reaction was the same and the video went viral.

Madison Kohout posted her experience on TikTok in a video, and the April 17 clip has since gone viral. Kohout said that she found the apartment online and that the rent was much cheaper compared to where she had previously lived. She said, “I was able to lease a two-bedroom for only $350 a month. It was super spacious and felt like home.”


The 19-year-old said she moved into the place days later without having seen it in person previously and had already signed the lease and was quite excited for her new home.

However, when Kohout reached there and looked around she was surprised when she noticed the neighbors she was meeting were “all over the age of 65.”




After having set up her new home, Kohout then saw the sign reading “Senior Citizen Apartments,” and said, “I realized I accidentally moved into a retirement village.” And this seems totally hilarious. 



Reply to @2020broughtmehere I am a bit dramatic LOL but in all honesty I am SO blessed, I really do love it here #fyp #moving #apartment #seniorcit

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However, later it was found out that those are equal-opportunity housing that, although designed for senior citizens, don't discriminate based on age. Kohout records videos since then and says in 10 apartments, she is “the only teenager in sight.”



In her videos, she has explained how her apartment is in a perfect place and she doesn't have to deal with loud music and annoying neighbors at night, as all of them go to bed earlier than she gets home. Also, most of them hear less so it's not a problem for her. After all this time, she realized it's quite a good place to live in where the neighbors will ask you daily how you are doing and care for you. 

Article source: Diply

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