Teen Saves Her 3-years-old Cousin, But Lost Her Life In A Sledding Ride By Hitting A Tree.

Teen Saves Her 3-years-old Cousin, But Lost Her Life In A Sledding Ride By Hitting A Tree.

Renee Hill a 16 year old teenager who put her own life at risk to save her little cousin who was on a sledding ride with her. She bravely acted on the moment and saved the boy but crashed into a tree and lost her life bravely.

A heart wrenching yet a proud moment happened in Clyde L. Burmaster Park in Lewiston, New York, where  this incident occurred during a family trip. 


Facebook | Niagara County Parks Department


A family went to this popular spot in Lewiston to enjoy but in return this trip scarred some very painful memories. A 16 year old girl, Hill ended up being a hero when her three-year-old cousin was riding a sledding tube. But who knew this ride was her last as she stroke a tree at the bottom of the hill.


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According to her Mother, Alex Kraft," When Renee realised that she and her cousin were about to crash, her first instinct was to put her foot down and flip the sled so my nephew wouldn’t get hurt. She hit the tree.”


Facebook | Renee Hill


This brave and selfless action of this young girl has shown how one can put his life at stake when a tragedy hits.


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Both Renee and her 3-year-old nephew were taken to the hospital while Renee was declared to be deceased on the way and the boy was released after treatment. Renee is now known to be a young selfless hero for displaying such tenderness.


Facebook | Renee Hill


A campaign on Gofundme was launched to set up Renee's funeral and support her parents in some other expenses and people are donating with love and a lot of support.

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Article source: Diply

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