Teacher Turns Pickup Truck Into a Mobile Classroom and Drives 2 Hours To Visit Autistic Students.

Teacher Turns Pickup Truck Into a Mobile Classroom and Drives 2 Hours To Visit Autistic Students.

Education has suffered the most during this lockdown due to pandemic. While it has gotten difficult for kids to get education, many teachers are going great lengths to make up for this loss. Here is an example of this dedicated Mexican teacher who has gone viral for her commendable work.

This global pandemic has left the world in serious turmoil. With economies suffering and the world going through some serious transition, things have been more confusing for kids. It is difficult for kids to understand why they are not allowed to go to schools anymore. Why they are not allowed to meet people anymore except from a distance. Out of many things, one thing that is suffering the most during this pandemic is the children's education globally.  

However, one teacher who has gone further than most to ensure that her pupils don't miss out on their education is Nay, an elementary school teacher in Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato. She has created a mobile classroom to help her autistic students with their education during this pandmeic. Nay's actions are specifically designed for children who don't have access to books or the internet during the pandemic, and she drives two hours a day to carry out her important work.

 After her pcitures were posted online, it went viral and went trending overnight. The Internet is all praise over this woman's dedication and kindness to her students. 

Originally taken by her mother, the snap gained more publicity than anyone could have ever imagined when it was subsequently retweeted by Kim Kardashian with a heart emoji.




In the picture, Nay can be seen sitting in the back of a pickup truck helping a student with what appears to be homework. Both she and the student responsibly wore face masks.

In an interview with Quién, a Mexican publication, Nay said that she typically works with children with special educational needs and is continually trying to improve her practice.

Nay maintains social distancing in her mobile classroom and gives her pupils hand sanitizer upon entry.




Reacting to the viral pictures, one person on Twitter posted that it is even more important because it maintains a sense of normalcy for special education students.

"Due to restricted/repetitive behaviors of kids in the spectrum isn't easy to modify teaching conditions to them so what this teacher is doing is extremely valuable, pure Love, "the commenter said.

"Autism is a complex developmental condition that involves many challenges, learning is only one of them."





There is another heartwarming story we publised earlier.

Since the coronavirus lockdown, many educational institutions have started online classes to continue to educate the students. No matter how proficient an online class is, it can never be as interactive as an offline lecture where the students and teachers can communicate face-to-face
The online class system is an excellent step to continue educating students during these uncertain times but students are not that comfortable and cannot clear all their doubts during online classes.
Recently, a 12-year-old girl Rylee Anderson was getting difficulties in understanding the concept of graphing a function in Algebra despite repeated lectures by her teacher. According to CNN, she didn't know how to understand it so she mailed her query to her Math teacher, Mr. Chris Waba and expected a bunch of mails or a phone call in return.




She knew her teacher Mr. Waba would reply to her mail but she didn't know that he would pick up his whiteboard and arrive at her porch to help her in solving the problem
2. Mr. Waba knew that Rylee was struggling with the lesson. So he picked up his whiteboard and a marker and arrived at Rylee’s porch who lived nearby
Rylee couldn’t ask for help from her parents as they weren’t home. Also, she thought her parents would not help her out anyway as “My mom got all the questions wrong when she helped me before,” she told CNN.

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