Talented Mom Crochets Unique Costumes For Her Kids Every Halloween

Talented Mom Crochets Unique Costumes For Her Kids Every Halloween

Stephanie Pokorny is a mom of four, she and her family are obsessed with Halloween. She has a unique talent for crocheting beautiful Halloween costumes for her kids each year. Sometimes the costumes are inspired by classical 80s movies, other times from popular toys or movies at that time.

Stephanie Pokorny is crocheting since she was 16, she got this amazing talent from her Grandma. Since she and her family live in a cold climate, so the warmth from the costumes is a plus point when her kids go around the neighborhood. Her each of the costume for the kids takes between 25-40 hours, as soon as the kids decide on their Halloween costumes, she starts working on them.  

"Once they choose their Halloween costume ideas, I begin on bringing them to life. They love to follow along with my progress, and each day they ask, 'Is it done yet?"

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#1 Crochet Xenomorph Costume


#2 Crochet Slimer Costume


#3 Crochet Skeletor Costume


#4 Crochet Predator Costume


#5 Crochet E.t. Costume


#6 Crochet Garden Gnome Costume


#7 Crochet Harry Potter Costume


#8 Crochet Pennywise Costume


#9 Crochet Papa Smurf Costume


#10 Crochet Pizza Costume


Stephanie's mother used to make her such costumes when she was a kid so it gives her great joy to be able to do the same for her kids. If you have a perfect Halloween costume, what else you want? These kids are one of the luckiest out there and the smile on their faces is the proof that we are right.


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