Superglueing Top Lips Become A Dangerous Beauty Trend As More People Tries This Method

Superglueing Top Lips Become A Dangerous Beauty Trend As More People Tries This Method

Some foolish people are actually supergluing their top lips above the Cupid's bow to get plumper lips. This dangerous 'Beauty Trend' is sweeping the internet but many are also slamming the weird technique.

Internet is a very funny place giving birth to bizarre new trends that are sometimes too stupid. One such trend is this so-called 'Beauty Hack' that's sweeping the internet these days. But not everyone is that foolish, some are finding it unhealthy for the minds and declared it one brainless trend. 

1. So-Called 'Beauty Trends'

Beauty trends are getting weirder day by day. Just to have something unique and different, some people actually start doing foolish things without thinking of its' outcome.


@chloehammock4 / TikTok)


2. It All Started Through A Mobile Video Site

A girl posted a video on a mobile video site called Tiktok, in which she was seen applying glue on her upper lip to get a  plump-lipped look. She then applied lipstick to her lips.


@chloehammock4 / TikTok)


3. The Video Was Also Shared On Twitter

It didn't end there, she also shared the video on twitter resulting in many women applying the same technique. Though most of them were using lash glue to stick their lips, some of them also used strong adhesive glue.


@chloehammock4 / TikTok)


4. See The Video Yourself




5. Other Girls Also Posted The Video On Twitter

Trying to pull apart skin that has been super-glued can cause it to tear. So you all never do it yourself.




7. Her New Look




8. But Many People Were Smart Enough To Slam It Stupid




9. The Girl In That Video Is Already Cute And Doesn't Need To Glue Her Lip To Her Face




10. It Looked As Awful As It Sounds




11. No Sign Of Intelligent Life Anywhere




Source: Mirror, news

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