Super Tiered Watermelon Cake Loaded With Fresh Fruit Is Exactly What You Need This Summer.

Super Tiered Watermelon Cake Loaded With Fresh Fruit Is Exactly What You Need This Summer.

Tiered watermelon cake loaded with fresh fruit is that juicy bundle of joy that everybody should try at least once this summer.

Fruits are a blessing and anybody and everybody loves them. Who can say no to a juicy watermelon or a mango on a hot summer day? Honestly, fresh strawberries and a handful of blueberries are enough to make someone's day. They are healthy, refreshing and what not? If you are a big fruit fan like me then check out this super extra tiered watermelon cake loaded with fresh fruit. I guess it's about time we ditch the fruit platter and try this extra juicy cake.

1. This three-tiered cake is completely made out of fresh watermelon

The watermelon cake is decorated with beautiful colorful fruit.


The Lemon Apron


2. This 'colorful piece of delight' is not so easy to make but it's so worth it in the end


Instagram | @creativedesigngroupdc 


3. The first and the most important step includes carefully carving three whole watermelons

Blogger The Lemon Apron tells us how to make this watermelon cake in easy steps.


The Lemon Apron 


4. You can even try new ideas and get a little extra creative with your watermelon cake


Paleo Cupboard 


5. Chocolate and cake can never be separated, even if it is a fruit cake

Just drizzle some melted chocolate over the cake and a heavenly cake would be ready to serve. This cake is something you must try at least once this summer, it will be a brilliant summer dessert that will be a hit at family events.


Instagram | @gardenofeatins 


On a lighter note

It's a known fact that food is the quickest path to anybody's heart, so it's only fair that for such unique events as birthday parties and weddings one may get the allurement of making a bubbly cake on their own, however, more often than not they end up requesting a hand-crafted cake to capture the sentiments perfectly.
And on the off chance that you've at any point requested a hand-crafted cake, we reckon you realize that it is so imperative to give extremely clear directions. Simply because it is exceptionally simple to transform an excellent cake into an epic fail almost instantly. Especially when you adhere to the directions too literally and don't have an auto-correct for cakes.

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