Study reveals that Wives feel more frazzled by their husbands than their kids in general

Study reveals that Wives feel more frazzled by their husbands than their kids in general

A recent survey that was conducted on 7000 married women reveals that wives are more stressed out by their husbands because a larger part of the family responsibility was handed over to them.

A shocking survey conducted in the US on 7000 wives revealed that a staggering 46 percent of the women feel that they were shouldered a larger share of the responsibility in the family than was fair to them.
Most of them have to scramble between a full-time job and the responsibilities of caring about their children as well as their husbands. Over 3000 of these women rated their stress levels at 8.5 out of 10 and talked about the anguish husbands cause their wives without even realizing it. This burden is exacerbated by the fact that their husbands often refuse to lift a finger to help them with child-rearing and household responsibilities.



Some of the main reasons contributing to the stress levels as highlighted by the surveyed women are:

1.       They are expected to fulfill all the traditional duties.
In this fast-paced world, it is almost impossible to take care of a family single-handedly. Even though women's rights have broken new ground in ensuring that social inequality between the sexes is slowly closing, they are still expected to do all the house-hold work. Women who focus on their careers and assert their independence often find themselves saddled with much of the child-rearing burden. Despite having to work 8 to 10 hours a day their husbands still expect them to be traditional wives and mothers, which can be infuriating.



2.       Husbands don’t help around in the house.
Most men in the US were brought up in households where their mothers did all the work while fathers relaxed on the couch after work. As a result, this is what they expect from their wives. They expect them to take a major share of the responsibility of cooking, cleaning, and looking after the kids, and this can be exhausting, especially when the women have full-time jobs that may be even more stressful than their husbands' jobs.



3.       After a while husbands stop investing in their marriage.
Many husbands forget how much their wives do to keep them happy and forget to invest in their relationship a few years into marriage. Most men, after having kids, believe that the shared responsibility of parenting ensures that they will stay connected. However, this faulty reasoning is why so many couples have quarrels and misunderstandings because they fail to spend quality time with each other apart from the kids. The lack of romance and courting leads to added stress and feelings of deprivation.



4.       They are left to play the bad cop while parenting.
Parenting is as tough as anything can be and unfortunately, wives are left to play the ‘bad cop’ when parenting. They have to take on the role of the disciplinarian, ensuring that their children stay within reasonable bounds and learn to live with certain values and morals. That is not it, their efforts are undermined by the husbands playing the ‘Good Cop’. They usually let their children slack off or violate certain boundaries just to bond with them, which can be frustrating to their wives.



These are only some of the issues women have to face every day in their lives. It is no wonder they feel that their husbands are a bigger source of stress to them than their kids are. The study also reveals that this is why most women feel relieved either on the loss of their spouse or after a divorce which is a shocking yet understandable result.

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Article and Image Source: Lessons learned in life

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