Study Finds that more than 50% of Overweight Adults are Fat Shamed by their own Doctors.

Study Finds that more than 50% of Overweight Adults are Fat Shamed by their own Doctors.

A shocking study that analyzed data collected from six countries revealed that more than half overweight adults are fat shamed by their own doctors.

While there are many people fighting to kill the appalling fat shaming culture, it still exists – even in the professional world. According to a startling study, more than half of overweight adults have been fat-shamed by their doctor.This peer-reviewed study based its analysis on 13,996 adult participants from the countries of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the US, all of whom were actively enrolled in a globally available behavioural weight management program.




According to the study:

Weight stigma in healthcare is prevalent among adults actively engaged in weight management across different Western countries, and internalized weight bias has negative implications for healthcare even after controlling for BMI.

Although US topped the list of countries where the prevailing culture was diseased with weight stigma and bias among medical professionals, this research showed fat-shaming is a widespread issue in a variety of countries aside from the US.

To accommodate the participants from different countries and make the survey process easy for them, these surveys were carried out in the participants respective dominant languages. They also looked at healthcare behaviours and experiences which included ‘perceived quality of care, avoidance or delay of seeking care, experiences with providers, and perceived weight stigma from doctors.

It was an immense shocker when the date collected revealed that among the participants who reported experiencing weight stigma (56–61%), two-thirds of participants in each country reported experiencing weight stigma from doctors. This remained true even after considering demographics, BMI, and history of stigma.

Since portraying weight stigma is a very indecent act and almost always comes from people who lack professionalism, it was not a surprise when the study data revealed that out of all six countries, those with higher internalized weight bias reported higher levels of healthcare avoidance, increased perceived weight-based judgment from doctors and lower frequency of attending routine check-ups. Participants also reported less frequent listening and respect from healthcare providers, as well as lower quality of healthcare.
Not only this, the internalization of weight bias in healthcare systems has been found to be indirectly associated with poorer healthcare experiences. This finding was consistent for all the six countries studied!



The study backs this finding by emphasizing that:

The similar findings across all six countries underscore the negative consequences of weight stigma on healthcare behaviours and experiences, and emphasize the need for collective international efforts to address this problem.

You can find out more about the findings of this study here.

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Article source: Lad Bible

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