A street photographer decided to remake his 30 years old pictures by tracking down the people in his pictures.

A street photographer decided to remake his 30 years old pictures by tracking down the people in his pictures.

Chris Porsz, a street photographer, tracked down people he took pictures of 30 years ago and came up with a book dubbed ‘Reunions’ based on an entirely unique concept.

Life has a weird way of unfolding for everyone, and what better way to capture the essence of life than to take photographs of random people on the street 30 years apart? Chris Porsz, a street photographer, came up with this unique idea. Chris is a paramedic by profession and a street photographer outside work.




In order to show how life changes over a span of decades, Chris decided to come up with a book under the moniker ‘reunions’ that features images of the same people over the span of 30 years. According to the author, 

“This book has been nearly 40 years in the making, and I believe the project is totally unique.”

Here are some of the entries from the book.
I’ll start with my favorite from the lot. These are Tony and Sally Wilmot, who had no idea the picture was being taken. After the first picture was taken, they went on to get married and have two kids.

Tony and Sally Wilmot


Another picture worth a thousand words that depict how life is in a glance.

A mother with three children


The guy on the left is David Harvey, who became Chief Superintendent and is now a retiree. The child (Tim Goodman) on the left is a successful businessman now and a father of six children.

David Harvey and Tim Goodman


A picture of a rebellious teenager worth a thousand words. The recent picture shows how despite having the same charm Xenia Gordon embraced life and became a mother of three children and later a loving grandmother.

Xenia Gordon


The images also shed light on how beautiful friendship is. Thanks to Chris, people who have lost contact came back together again.

Friends 30 years apart


Another set of pictures dedicated to friendship. Martin Coulson and Andy Randal eating french fries 30 years apart at their favorite spot.


Martin Coulson and Andy Randal


Jennifer Hall worked in this fruit and vegetable stand on Saturdays for four years. She got to experience her teenage days once again.

Jennifer Hall


Another picture depicting the beauty of life. This image set shows how this retro couple grew up to be the typical day-to-day couple in a time span of 30 years.

Dog and Tina


Chris has done a wonderful job. The mesmerizing book is already breaking the internet.

Image and Article source: Diply 

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