Tired Wet Stray Dog Crashed A Wedding, The Couple Loved Their Special Guest And Adopted Him To Live With Them Forever.

Tired Wet Stray Dog Crashed A Wedding, The Couple Loved Their Special Guest And Adopted Him To Live With Them Forever.

Marilia and Matheus Pieroni's wedding was going on when a tired wet dog crashed the wedding to take shelter from the storm. Little did the dog know that one day he will crash a wedding of the couple who will become his mommy and daddy and give him a forever loving home.

Marilia and Matheus Pieroni's wedding was crashed by a tired wet dog who wanted shelter from the storm, though the dog was moved outside by the guests the dog came again and took a nap on top of  Marilia’s bridal veil. That was the cutest thing to happen at their wedding, the couple loved their new guest and welcomed him with all their hearts. But the dog left the party after a while without anyone noticing it. When the celebrations were closing, the couple started looking for him but the dog was nowhere to be seen. All the guests had fallen in love with him so they formed a search party and found the dog in a week, and then the dog was brought home to Marilia and Matheus Pieroni who named him Snoop Pieroni and now snoop lives happily with his mommy and daddy in a beautiful home. 

1. This Is The Story Of Marilia and Matheus Pieroni And How They Met Their Beloved Dog First Time On Their Wedding

Marilia and Matheus Pieroni who live in São Paulo, Brazil, were on their way to their wedding when a storm moved in but the ceremony was going to have to take place in a tent that was set up for just such an occasion so their wedding was not ruined. As everyone gathered inside the tent and took their seats, a lonely and tired wet stray dog took refuge in the tent from the storm and thus surprised everybody, but it was a pleasant surprise and the bride and groom especially loved their new guest. 



2. The Wedding Was Crashed By A Very Special New Guest Who Wanted To Seek Shelter From The Storm



3. The Wedding Was Just About To Start When The Tired Wet Dog Crashed The Wedding, The Members Of The Wedding Moved The Dog Back Outside Just As The Couple Was Making Their Way Down The Aisle 



4. But Guess Who Wanted To Be The Part Of The Wedding? Yes, Our Dog Was In No Mood To Go Outside And Miss The Wedding

He wandered down the aisle and proceeded to take a nap on top of Marilia’s bridal veil!



5. The Bride And Groom Couldn't Stop Laughing. They Loved Their New Guest And Welcomed The Tired Pup With All Their Hearts



6. The Bride Marilia Loves Animals So It Was A Wonderful Surprise For Her 



7. As The Wedding Moved On, No One Noticed That Their Tired Little Friend Had Left The Party



8. As The Ceremony Was About To End,  The Couple Started Looking Frantically For Their New Found Friend



9. The Newly Wed Couple Wanted Their Special Guest To Be A Part Of Their Family And Would Do Anything To Bring Him Home



10. All The Guests Had Fallen In Love With Him And They Immediately Formed A City-Wide Search



11. They Looked For Him For A Week And Finally Found Their Furry Friend Who Was Destined To Be With Them



12. He Was Reunited With The Couple Who Gave Him A Bath And Made Him Comfortable In His New Home



13. They Named Their New Family Member Snoop Who Is Now Living A Happy And Healthy Life With His Mommy And Daddy




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