A Person Posts Query On Quora, ‘How I Should Respond To Boss Firing Me Via Email,' Receives Epic Responses

A Person Posts Query On Quora, ‘How I Should Respond To Boss Firing Me Via Email,' Receives Epic Responses

Losing a job can be an awkward and humiliating experience, especially if it is done in a not so graceful manner. This person posted an anonymous query on Quora and look at the epic responses he gets from the public.

1.  Following The Code Of Conduct



Getting fired from a job is never a pleasant experience for anyone. Not only it can be traumatizing but also humiliating if rejected in a harsh way.  It is said there is little place for emotion in the professional world. But there is a code of conduct and certain rules that must be followed in everything even if that includes the firing of the employees too. So this person posted an anonymous query on Quora, asking the public how to respond to a boss who fired via an email. The person received a mix response from the public with the majority sympathizing with the man giving him ideas of savage responses to his cruel boss while some people shared their own horrible experiences of getting fired from their jobs in somewhat similar ruthless manners.

2. Receiving Epic Responses







5. Getting Fired Via An Email Is A Smart Move?





Some people also shared the opinion that in the era of smartphones and technology it is much better to get fired via an email, as it is much more convenient and hassle-free. 

7. Ideas For Responding Back To The Boss




9. Should The Employee Just Accept The Decision And Let It Be?





Is there any smart way to fire an employee? Probably yes.  But that smart way should always take into consideration the sentiments of the employee. Firing an employee should be done gracefully and in no way, it should be an act of humiliation. When you fire someone via an email, it is not only degrading for the employee but also a huge blow to their self-esteem.  Mike Kappel who has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years,  from Forbes shares some tips on how to fire an employee gracefully and with respect.

According to Mike,  you should always be clear with the employee on two fronts. First when you hire them and secondly when you fire them. Don't beat around the bush.  Secondly, you should very well know the qualifications of the person when you are first hiring them and expect the kind of work from them and if they fail to do so you should be very much clear on termination from the job point too.  

The third is if you are going to fire an employee, tell them face front and as soon as possible. Tell them gracefully and without wasting time. No one would be interested in knowing the situation of the market if they would know that they will be fired soon.  Fourth and most important, do not degrade or humiliate your employees in any way. Fire them behind closed doors if necessary and while doing so do not belittle them in any way. 

The fifth point is, when you are firing an employee, make sure you have a witness beside you. It could be either a person from HR or a trusted person from your company. Having someone in the room is important in case the employee comes back at you with a lawsuit. A witness can confirm you acted legally and ethically while firing the employee.

12. People Sharing Their Own Little Horror Stories Of Getting Fired From The Jobs Unethically By Their Former Employers


























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