'Sperminator’who fathered 78 children And Has 13 On The Way Says, 'He Just Can’t Say No’.

'Sperminator’who fathered 78 children And Has 13 On The Way Says, 'He Just Can’t Say No’.

A New York Professor Ari Nagel, also known as The Sperminator, who fathered 78 children and currently has 13 pregnant women has said he just “can’t say no" and is having a great life however he is struggling financially.

New York college professor Ari Nagel, 44 – aka The Sperminator is renowned now after being viral on social media due to his unique trait. Ari revealed that he got pregnant women ‘the old-fashioned way’ and would have sex with the women to help them conceive. 




However, since he learned other ways to conceive, he now delivers his seed in a container so that he can protect himself and the other women he would help that month. He even says he plans on fathering more children after having nearly 100.

Ari is based in Brooklyn, but he runs an online profile on which he advertises his services and connects with would-be clients. Moreover, he doesn't charge for his services and does whatever suits the client.

He has been nicknamed 'The Sperminator,"  due to his generosity with sperms that he has provided children for some lesbians and women who are older yet single.




Ari also revealed that out of the many children he has sired till now, he gets to see some every day while others have remained out of touch due to their mothers' wishes.

"I've never charged any of the women for helping them grow their families. Of course, I do get paid with lots of hugs and kisses and a lifetime of appreciation," explained Ari. But saying although he is struggling financially, he has a great life.

Ari was once married for 12 years to a lady called Roxanne but the couple split after his wife got tired of his ways. And now his services have increased.

Article Source: Dailymail

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