Spanking Your Kids Is Banned In 60 Countries, But USA Isn't One Of Them!

Spanking Your Kids Is Banned In 60 Countries, But USA Isn't One Of Them!

60 countries, states, and territories have adopted legislation that fully prohibits using corporal punishment against kids at home, as per UNICEF. But the US isn't included on the list.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that most guardians around the globe still live their lives by the popular axiom, "spare the rod, spoil the child." But as of late, many have debated whether to practice physical discipline, for example, hitting or spanking, in their very own homes.

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To hit or not to hit has turned into a rather burning issue across the world. As of late, numerous specialists have prompted against utilizing physical order to teach kids about proper discipline. However, others contend that the turmoil encompassing beating has been exaggerated.

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Moreover, in recent times, a few guardians have chosen not to spank their kids at any cost and view the entire practice as unsafe to their youngster's advancement, though others see no problem in utilizing physical order and they trust that it teaches respect and humility to their kids. 

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In spite of the fact that there is no proper meaning of 'spanking' in the scientific literature, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary characterizes the act as 'striking someone, especially on the buttocks with the open hand,' Additionally, in certain nations, such practice could send a parent in prison.

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Around the globe, nearly 300 million kids aged 2 to 4 get some kind of physical order from their folks or relatives on a regular basis, as per a UNICEF report distributed in November.

However,  sixty nations, states, and regions have adopted legislation that completely restricts utilizing corporal punishments against youngsters at home. 

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Some of the countries and territories that have bans are: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Aruba, Austria, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curaçao, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Latvia, and more. 

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However, in the United States, corporal punishment is still lawful in the home in all states, and legal provisions against violence and abuse are not interpreted as prohibiting all corporal punishment, like spanking, according to the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children.

"It’s just in the last 10 years that more countries and a larger set of countries have decided to prohibit corporal punishment," a report said.

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But in recent times, there has been an ongoing move to demoralize guardians worldwide from beating or physically rebuffing their youngsters at any cost, driven by UNICEF, the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children and different associations calling for more laws. Yet not all experts agree that laws should dictate how parents decide to punish their children.

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