Someone stole the Sesame Street Big Bird Costume and people cannot stop joking about it.

Someone stole the Sesame Street Big Bird Costume and people cannot stop joking about it.

Viewer’s favorite Big Bird costume was stolen last week. While the police are looking for the thief, people cannot stop joking about it.

Sesame Street is one of the longest-running TV shows with 51 seasons. Most of us grew up watching the informative show. Even as an adult now, I love watching it as a pass time.
However, something bizarre happened recently. The costume of one of the stars of the show, i.e., Big Bird was stolen by something and it has been almost a week, they have not been found. It came as a shock to me since the costume is huge.



Someone stole a massive Big Bird costume from a Sesame Street Circus Spectacular at Bonython Park in Adelaide over the weekend. South Australia Police are calling on people to come forward if they know of any information related to the bizarre theft.
The local police department also updated their Facebook page with a caption saying,

“Sometime between 4.30 pm Sunday 18 and 9.30 am Monday 19 April a large yellow 'Big Bird' costume was stolen from the Circus area. Feathers were spotted nearby on Port Road. If you know the whereabouts of the costume please call the police assistance line immediately on 131 444.”

As expected, many people are having fun with this. Hoaxers are trying to pull the leg of authorities by posting Facebook Marketplace adverts of a Big Bird costume that's available to buy in Adelaide.
To which the police requested people to stop sending them the ad since it is not the same bird.



Unsurprisingly! The post on social media has been liked, shared, and commented on by thousands of people who can't believe the PSA is real.
One of the commenters wrote,

“Hahaha I saw this on the news earlier and honestly thought it was a joke.”

Another added,

"How do you steal something that big?? It would be hard to hide!!"

While others thought it would be hilarious to make jokes about the situation.
Another person wrote,

"United States Embassy in Canberra has been informed of the kidnap of U.S. citizens Big Bird. US government will not negotiate with kidnappers the CIA has a nice little cell in Cuba for you."

A different person said,

"Think he was on TV this morning."

It hilarious how people are making the most out of this situation. 

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Article and Image Source: LadBible

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