Social Media is Praising This Bridal Dress Display Mannequin in a Wheelchair.

Social Media is Praising This Bridal Dress Display Mannequin in a Wheelchair.

Beth Wilson tweeted an image of a bridal shop's window display, which featured a mannequin in a wheelchair. "The new wedding shop in town has a wheelchair using mannequin and it shouldn't be exciting but it's the first time I've ever seen disability portrayed in a shop window," She wrote on Twitter.

The fashion industry can sometimes be totally devoid of diversity present out there in the world. It has people with disabilities and those who are lacking somewhere. So what people want is, there should be options and variety for the disabled and differently abled people too. 

Just like that, when a bridal boutique in England decided to put a mannequin in a wheelchair wearing a wedding dress in their window display, they never would have imagined how much attention it would get. Although this action should not be so unique after all, it is very normal to have a bride in a wheelchair. But as the fashion shops have failed to meet the normal standard. This act was given extra hype.




Still they took a step forward with an inclusive display of a mannequin with a wheelchair wearing one of the store's stunning gowns and set an example. 

Now when a glimpse of a lesser-represented group in our society was shown through this act. It hits us right in the feelings and people are quick to jump on the comments section and the social media is just too excited to see this.

People are supporting the idea and are suggesting ways on social media on how other boutiques and stores can include them in representation. 




A twitter user Beth Wilson shared an image of the display with her followers that has since had more than 34.2k likes and almost 7.7k retweets. 




Moreover, going through this story the lesser represented group is sharing their wedding stories on wheelchairs and what struggles they had to go through while finding the most important dress of their lives.




A number of clothing lines like Tommy Hilfiger are following the trend as well, and they have also launched some awesome and adaptive clothing lines designed specifically to help people with disabilities and limb differences. 

This really was something that was good to hear and it's really great we live in a time where progress is being made for such steps and helping others.

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