Snazzy Facemask Fashion Reaches Nairobi Amidst Pandemic Courtesy a 59-year-old Fashionista.

Snazzy Facemask Fashion Reaches Nairobi Amidst Pandemic Courtesy a 59-year-old Fashionista.

There’s no end to fashion and to how you can dress up even as the global pandemic progresses. This is something that the 59-year-old self-proclaimed fashionista James Maina Mwangi taught us.

Most of us have accepted face masks as inconvenient, albeit necessary, safety measures amidst the pandemic. Where many have just made surgical masks and N-95s a part of their daily attire, this self-proclaimed fashionista denied doing that.
Meet James Maina Mwangi, a man from Nairobi, Kenya, who has become a sensation over the past few days thanks to its snazzy style and matching masks.



Mwangi has hundreds of bright and vibrant outfits that he wears on a daily basis. Surprisingly, the suits he owns cover the entire color palette, and he does a fantastic job matching all the accessories with them. Everything from his suits, hats, and ties to phone cases are color-coordinated. It’s actually mesmerizing to watch.



Since the pandemic hit and Kenya made face masks mandatory, his outfits have become even more eye-catching. This week the 59-year-old modeled his collection of face masks for Reuters, and the pictures turned out to be perfect.



Check this one out. 



While talking to Reuters, he said,

“Men knew how to wear clothes in black, brown, grey or dark blue. Those were men’s colors. God gave me wisdom and showed me all the different colors I can wear to be different from everybody else.”



As a child, Mwangi dropped out of school at 12 because he could not pay the fees. He said he only had one shirt when he was a child, which he would wash it daily and put on still damp. People would laugh at him, but he promised himself that “one day I will be a star,” and he lived up to it.



In 2018, Mwangi had an interview with BBC, where he said that he owns over 160 suits with 300 plus caps and 200 pairs of shoes. All of this is beside the shirts, ties, and numerous other accessories like phone cases, pens, and watches that are also all color-coordinated to make him look incredibly stylish.



His bright and vibrant colors make him stand out in the crowd. In fact, his outfits are so out there that he’d probably stand out regardless of whether it’s in Nairobi, London, New York or Beijing.



He is very happy with the way he dresses, and while talking about his choice of style, Mr. Mwangi said he might be the smartest looking man in all of Africa, if not the world.



He earns a living as a jack of all trades, says he lends his suits to members of his church and street children who need them. However, according to him, things have become harder since the pandemic hit.

Article Source: Reuters

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