Singer Demi Lovato Roasted For Posting Two Very Distinct Images Of Turkeys.

Singer Demi Lovato Roasted For Posting Two Very Distinct Images Of Turkeys.

Singer Demi Lovato was getting a fair bit of online stick - odd right? -because she posted a photo on her Instagram in which she was cuddling a turkey, and followed it up at Thanksgiving with a picture of a delicious looking roast turkey.

Demi Lovato recently visited an animal sanctuary and took pictures with some amazing animals including a beautiful Turkey. Later on her Instagram account, she posted a roasted Turkey on Thanksgiving for which she had been criticized by many viewers. 

You know, Demi seems to have just visited an animal shelter and got to terms with some of the creatures, including a beautiful turkey, there.

At this time of year the 28-year-old was just doing what practically every American - bar the vegetarians - is doing, frying up a tasty bird for her Thanksgiving Thursday meal, but quite recently most of the people who love that specific tradition have not posted an image of a 'pet' turkey at a farm.

Demi captioned herThanksgiving roast post 'I'm grateful for all of you', meaning her fans, but she probably began to feel less grateful as several of them began to cut strips of her like a tasty holiday roast.




One person wrote: "TODAY IN CRINGE: Demi Lovato poses with turkey in photo promoting animal sanctuary that fights animal agriculture,

"Demi later makes turkey for Thanksgiving"

Another said: "I had to scroll up again because i thought i saw Demi Lovato holding a turkey

"Turns out there was, indeed, Demi Lovato holding a turkey"




A third wrote: "Demi Lovato adopting a turkey to cook it anyway has sent me, I'm spiralling."

Anyway, it should be remembered that she didn't take the turkey out of the sanctuary to eat it. The two turkeys are birds which are different.

Some of her fans have even rushed to point out that Demi has lately had a rough time, and maybe shouldn't be harshly judged at Thanksgiving for eating a turkey, which is a reasonable point.

One Twitterer said: "People attacked Demi Lovato for posting a glass of water once then tried to cancel her for squeezing a lemon because they said she was 'mocking' someone,

"And now they are trying to cancel her for eating turkey and celebrating thanksgiving y'all see the problem?"






As for the farm sanctuary she toured, which although is a strange one, probably loved the exposure, they wrote: "The turkeys were so excited to meet Demi Lovato at our California Sanctuary,"




"Thanks for visiting, Demi, we loved having you!

"Choose compassion this Thanksgiving and sponsor one of our rescued turkeys."

'Sponsor' is an interesting word for what happened to the next turkey to feature on Demi's timeline.

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Article Source: Ladbible

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