Silent Bridal Showers Are A Real Thing Now, And It Has Couples Blatantly Asking For Money!

Silent Bridal Showers Are A Real Thing Now, And It Has Couples Blatantly Asking For Money!

Getting married? Why go through the hassle of throwing an actual bridal shower, when you can just send out cards demanding money? Well, that's exactly what this couple decided to do!

Even though everybody realizes that the purpose of a shower (wedding or infant) is to get presents. The vast majority, however, at least pretends to make believe the well-mannered fiction that showers are a rather prestigious opportunity for women to get together and celebrate joy.

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By and large, in light of the fact that it's improper to simply go after individuals for cash without pretending you desperately want to see them. All things considered, not any longer!

Internet, say hello to the quiet shower, simply because why experience the issue of throwing a genuine bridal shower when you can just send out invitations requesting cash? 

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In a hilariously bizarre turn of events, a Redditor posted an invitation that her companion went to a "silent bridal shower." Yes, clearly this is a thing now. We always believed that pre-wedding parties were lunch meetings where ladies ate sandwiches and gifted thoughtful gifts. Well, not as per this invitation! 

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"Let’s Celebrate a Silent Shower! There is no party, no guests, no bride, and no boxed gifts. Simply buy a shower greeting card, enclose a check made out to X or X for whatever amount you wish. Then, put your card in the enclosed addressed envelop [sic] and mail to X. All envelops [sic] will be placed in a gift box, wrapped and sent to the newlyweds," the rather bizarre invitation read. 

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And while we don't know how evident the accompanying photograph is, in any case, it is presently garnering outrage over all the social media channels. Furthermore, by the responses received on the photograph, we can tell you that quiet showers, frequently for children yet sometimes for ladies, are certainly a thing now!

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However, requesting that somebody compose a check and stick it in an envelope is a fairly loose definition of the word "celebrate." That's actually the definition of "bill paying" if you will.

Additionally, despite the fact that there's an implicit understanding that wedding visitors, for the most part, bring presents for the lady of the hour and lucky man to wish them a cheerful start for another section of their life, however, it's not set in stone! 

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Moreover, it’s certainly not a requirement and beyond the traditional norms, it’s not something that should be outwardly demanded.  And on the off chance that you are welcoming visitors to your wedding, they realize you're anticipating a gift, there is no compelling reason to literally spell it out for them! 

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And even though weddings are getting super costly for everybody involved — not simply for the bride and groom, be that as it may, actually sending a letter saying "send checks here" to recover all the expenses that were put into the whole celebration is out and out odd! What you do guys think? 

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