'Sexiest' Accent In The World Has Just Been Unveiled, And Sadly It's Not American!

'Sexiest' Accent In The World Has Just Been Unveiled, And Sadly It's Not American!

Accents vary greatly across the globe with some being more popular than others, be that as it may, now we know exactly which one of them is the sexiest!

The sexiest accents on the planet have recently been unveiled in a new ranking, and it's creating quite a global stir. There are almost 7,000 dialects on the planet and significantly more accents for every language - yet which is the one that leaves the most heartbeats racing?

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Sadly, it's not American accent - but rather the first position may truly astonish you. As per a survey by travel site Big 7, the sexiest accent on earth is from New Zealand. "To a novice ear, the New Zealand accent might sound just like the Australian accent, but Big 7 Travel readers disagree. The ‘Newzild’ dialect is outrageously charming," Big 7 said as it crowned the Kiwi accent. 

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A maybe unforeseen victor, New Zealand – or the 'Kiwi' accent – claimed the top spot on a rundown of 50, closely pursued by South African, Irish, Italian and Australian. Be that as it may, we were personally shocked to see the French lingo barely qualifying the top five. 

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The Queen's English came in at a sufficiently decent twelfth, with the nervy Manc accent coming in at eighteenth. Mancs will undoubtedly be excited to hear that the Scouse accent was voted in at the 32nd spot, sandwiched between Dutch and Greek.


This rundown was accumulated by Big 7 Travel, who surveyed readers from all across the world to discover the accent most-likely to get globetrotters' hearts shuddering. Directly at the bottom of the rundown is Thai (48th), Romanian (49th) and Croatian (50th).

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But obviously, don't feel discouraged if these accents make you swoon; sexiness is obviously highly subjective. However, personally, we're somewhat disillusioned that the sexiness of the melodic Welsh accent – which has been positioned a so-so 45th – has not been lusted over a bit more. 


It's surely an incredible day to be a New Zealander, however, and a prime time for them to brush up on their pickup lines. However, reports of the survey result shocked numerous Kiwis who admitted wincing when they hear it on TV or in the discussion.


"I'll hear a kiwi on American TV, and I'll want to vomit. Our accent is awful," said one Twitter user, while another said, "I really don't think Kiwis have the world's sexiest accent because most of the world can't understand us," Moreover, Flight of the Conchords' Jermaine Clement tweeted that he had seen that both the Kiwis and Australians were 'having a tough time accepting this.' 


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