Senior Citizens Given A Specific Hour To Stock-Up On Groceries On Coronavirus Outbreak.

Senior Citizens Given A Specific Hour To Stock-Up On Groceries On Coronavirus Outbreak.

The outbreak of Coronavirus as a pandemic has led people to hoard basic items in fear which led the elderly citizens to miss out on their basic needs.

As the panic about Coronavirus is spreading around the globe so rapidly. People are panicking by the widely spread rumours and most are following what they think is right. 

The pandemic has killed more than 22000 people worldwide by now. Although officials around the world are taking theatrical steps to limit large groups and encourage social distancing in hopes of limiting the spread of the disease. But some people being extra anxious and worried about the pandemic are creating a mess for those already in most danger by the disease. 




Coronavirus fears and anxiety have led people all over the world to buy lots of hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other necessary products, and to clear store shelves of produce, fresh meat and anything else they might need. Also, water bottles, milk cans and such daily routine things were not to be seen after the virus outbreak haunted the people. And they thought that these things won't be available after some time.




Whereas, it was announced everywhere that the basic necessities and grocery stores will remain open and there is no need to hoard these items. But as expected, people did the same. And the elderly citizens who actually needed the stuff were left with nothing but empty shelves in stores.


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Right now, people who are at greater risk are little children, aged and weak people. Those with severe diseases, and people with comparatively weaker immune systems. But, what makes this all worst is that the masses we're not at all having a thought about them. 

This is why supermarkets now have taken some measures keeping in mind the needs of the elderly citizens. Supermarkets and grocery stores around the world have specified an hour or an early opening for the elder and disabled citizens so they can freely buy what they need. Most large grocery chains are offering customers online pickup and delivery services to help limit shoppers' contact with other people. Such as Woolworths in Australia announced this :



Another well-known supermarket in Britain took such measure so that the senior citizens could avail the benefits to stock-up in a relxed manner instead of shoving into each other.







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