Say Goodbye To Working Out, Because Instant 'Six Pack Abs' Are Possible Now!

Say Goodbye To Working Out, Because Instant 'Six Pack Abs' Are Possible Now!

Forget clean eating and slaving away at the gym. The latest innovation promises to give you flawless six-pack abs without any kind of hard work or willpower. Life is good!

Summer is almost here, so undoubtedly you'd probably want to bask in the sun in tropical climes, or if nothing else, soak up the sunshine in the back garden with a couple of ice lollies. In any case, on the off chance that you're past the point where it is possible to get on with that sizzlin' beach bod, an organization in Thailand is here for you! 

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Masterpiece Hospital in Bangkok presently offers 'instant six packs', so you can ditch the gym for good and prepare for the summer the easy way, however, you might want to look at the photos first. In cosmetic surgery terms, ab implants are genuinely very common - individuals who are as of now slender get silicone implants embedded to design a phony six-pack.


Be that as it may, the group over at Masterpiece Hospital rather carve out 'abs' on patients' stomachs, removing a portion of the fat around the belly. As indicated by Thai site Coconuts, this technique makes a more natural look than fillers, that additionally endures longer. Despite the fact that the hospital says that the medical procedure doesn't hurt, the recuperation doesn't look that great.


Reportedly, the vast majority of the hospital's patients are people who work out consistently, however, feel that stubborn tummy fat is the trickiest part to get rid of, so they pick the THB120,000 (approx $3700) procedure to speed things up. Hospital CEO and specialist Raweewat Maschamado stated, "We've been doing this for about three to four years now." 


He further expressed, "We get anywhere from 20 to 30 customers requesting a six-pack every month. In order to naturally get a six-pack, one needs to work out as well as get lean. Most of our clients come in with a lot of muscle, they just want to save themselves months of leaning down." 


"We are a licensed, legitimate hospital, unlike many other cosmetic surgery clinics around Thailand. Which means, we have access to anesthetic and quality medicines," he concluded. As indicated by its Facebook page, the hospital is authorized and enlisted and does all kinds of treatments, including nose jobs, eyelid lifts, skin procedures and more. 


In any case, if all your extra money is going on paying for your vacation, you might want to get other individuals to pay for your beach body - and here's exactly how you can do it. In spite of the fact that it's only open to ladies, Allegra Cole has begun up a site where individuals can actually crowdfund their cosmetic surgeries.


In an offer to help other people to 'achieve their body goals', Allegra set up the site B**bJobs4Moms.com, as a stage for models to feature their profiles. Any individual who's keen on a model's story would then be able to purchase different picture packages and content, thus sponsoring their medical procedure.


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