Ryan Reynolds Wished His Wife A Very Happy Birthday With a Series of Not-So-Good Photos Of Her.

Ryan Reynolds Wished His Wife A Very Happy Birthday With a Series of Not-So-Good Photos Of Her.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds congratulate each other in unique ways, they always make sure to troll each other whenever they get a chance. It was Lively's birthday and Ryan knew he couldn't miss this so he posted a series of pictures of them together and Blake was particularly looking not so good.

All the men need to first know this that they don't need to be like Ryan Reynolds as it's quite dangerous. Not everyone is courageous enough to post his wife's not so good pictures on a social platform that too with millions of followers. But we are talking about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds here who have an extraordinary tradition of wishing each other, so we can expect this from them. It was Blake's birthday, Ryan knew how to surprise his wife. He posted a series of pictures of her in which either her eyes were closed or mouth open, in some pictures she was even cropped out. But one thing that comes to our mind is how was Ryan looking perfect in every picture?

1. It All Started With Blake's 30th Birthday

On Blake's 30th birthday, Ryan posted a picture of her in which she was cropped out and wished happy birthday to his amazing wife.



2. Then It Was Blake's Turn

Blake knew how to get revenge, on Ryan's birthday she posted on her twitter a picture where he was depicted with Ryan Gosling. But she cut off the birthday boy and wrote, “Happy birthday, baby.”



3. On August 25, Blake Turned 32 And Ryan Posted A Series Of Cute Pictures On Instagram

The pictures were very cute if only all of them weren't ruined. 



4. This Selfie Is Perfect If Only Blake Would Have Opened Her Eyes



5. If Only Blake Wouldn't Have Wore This Big Hat



6. Not All Candids Are Perfect



7. This Could Have Been A Cute Couple Picture 



8. How Is Ryan Looking Perfect In All These Pictures?



9. A Blurred But Cute Picture



10. How Is Blake Still Managing To Look This Pretty?



11. We Are Curious What Blake Is Going To Post On Ryan's Birthday Now



12. We Wonder What Blake's Reaction Would Have Been?





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