Russian Artist Shows Which Famous Animated Characters Your Favorite Celebrities Should Be.

Russian Artist Shows Which Famous Animated Characters Your Favorite Celebrities Should Be.

Helen Morgun, who is an illustrator, designs fantastic and whimsical celebrity art. She loves to sketch them as characters they can play or they have played them. Her favorite thing is to turn celebrities into none other than Disney characters.

Helen Morgun is an artist from Russia. She likes to draw portraits of celebrities and convert their portraits into animated Disney characters. She draws them as characters which they have played or they should play. It’s like her passion and many people love her amazing work. She had been drawing since her childhood. Besides drawing she loves to sing as well. She often decides what to draw next by creating polls on her Instagram and had drawn characters for comics and games as well. 

Her amazing art shows how Michael Ealy will look as Prince Naveen, Zoe Kravitz as Kida, and even more unexpected, but cool mash-ups.

On her Instagram, she has almost 87k fans and people seem to enjoy what she does!

Boredpanda had an interview with Helen and she shared with them what influenced her most and how she got into art:

"I am inspired by people. Interesting stories, movies, music that you want to listen to over and over again. Since childhood, I have been drawing. I have an art education and I think I really thought I wanted to dedicate my life to a drawing."

Emma Stone As Jessie From Toy Story



Emilia Clarke As Christmas Elf



The illustrations, according to Helen, take about 6-8 hours to complete. Art is her career, though, so she can devote as much time as she wants to it. She designs book covers and does numerous other projects.

The artist has shared that she likes to sing, in addition to drawing. But that's something only her close friends and family know.

Scarlet Johansson As Anastasia



In previous interviews with Bored Panda, Helen said that she loves Disney and has many fond memories of the movies and characters.

She began the series as Cinderella by drawing Rachel McAdams. Helen found that the idea was really liked by her fans, so she kept making more portraits.

Maisie Williams As Coraline



"My first work with Rachel McAdams as Cinderella was the beginning of this series. I always thought she was very suitable for this role. And then I decided not to stop and come up with which other celebrity is suitable for the role of a princess or an insidious villain."

Taylor Swift As Tinker Bell



Helen often decides what to draw next by creating polls on her Instagram and letting her fans vote. So if you want to help decide what she creates next, go follow her and maybe your idea will become a reality: "I like to choose with my followers a candidate for a new character. And in creating a portrait, I like to come up with interesting details and references to the character."

Emma Watson As Anna



Millie Bobby Brown As Belle



You can also buy commissions from her so you know where to go if you like Helen's style and want you and your loved one drawn as characters.

Helen told boredpanda more about herself, her life, how she got to where she is now: "After graduation, I became a freelancer. I drew characters for games, comics, did a little web design. But portraits have always been my passion. After the birth of my son, I did not draw for almost two years, but then I returned to work. During this period, I began to develop my Instagram account. Today I am very happy with this decision, because I found many creative friends on this platform and received a good response to my work, and for an artist, this is the best motivation."

Zendaya As Lilo



"I choose two candidates for each character. Then my subscribers choose from them the one they like best. Very rarely I choose at my own discretion, it happens when I know for sure that the type match is 100%.

Then I paint a portrait and add different details: clothes, pets, makeup, or jewelry worn by the character in the cartoons. Sometimes I add thematic tattoos," said Helen when asked by bored panda to describe the process of creating these illustrations.

Zoe Kravitz As Kida



Gal Gadot As Fairy Vidia





"I am very grateful for the interest in my work. Thanks to the previous articles, many people learned about me and my art, I got new subscribers and customers. Now I am drawing a series of works with Disney princesses, however, I want to supplement the series with villains, so if you are in love with Disney as much as I am will be glad to see you on my Instagram page" She told bored panda.

Lily Collins As Snow White



Helena Bonham Carter As Yzma




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