Rudy Giuliani Left His Private Twitter Messages Open And It Backfired Drastically

Rudy Giuliani Left His Private Twitter Messages Open And It Backfired Drastically

After appearing to unintentionally leave his DMs visible on Twitter, Rudy Giuliani endured another PR gaffe this week. Rudy Giuliani's account was bombarded with all kinds of messages as soon as people got to know about his DMs being open.

The former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, came into the highlight on social media when he accidentally left his DMs open on his official Twitter account. This was brought to attention on November 22 by Martin who didn't miss the opportunity and informed her 7000 followers. 

Rudy Giuliani's account was bombarded with all kind of messages as soon as people got to know about his DMs being open

According To the Independent, the details of the error of the former Mayor of New York was evidently highlighted by a Twitter user from Richmond, Virginia, named Jennifer Christine Martin, to social media users.

Martin found on Sunday (November 22) that it was possible to alert the senior Trump campaign adviser on the social media site. She then wrote to her 7,000 followers on Twitter: "Rudy Giuliani's DMs are open, have a good time [sic]"

The Twitter account of Giuliani was quickly bombarded with private messages from Twitter users who were obviously loving the opportunity to ridicule the Republican lawyer, and took to Martin's tweet comments to express what they had sent him.




For instance, one person wrote:

"Dear Mr. Mayor: Please take a break. You did some great things over the course of your career.

"But in hitching yourself to the wagon of someone who simply uses you - and who has no regard for anyone other than himself - you've done profound damage to your reputation.

"An entire nation is vicariously embarassed for you, Your Honor. Do the right thing and step down from this utterly wrongheaded and dangerous crusade against reality."

Meanwhile, someone else wrote to him: "Rudy, you were [America's] now you are embarrassing yourself carrying [Trump's] baggage.

Your performance in court was particularly bad. Come on man, make up some quarantine excuse and save yourself. This is your legacy now."




















This incident comes not long after Giuliani provoked outrage by featuring in the prime Amazon film Borat 2, in which he was filmed with an actress playing the 15-year-old daughter of Borat, Tutar, in a compromising role in a hotel room.

Sasha Baron Cohen finally took on social media as Borat to "defend" the "innocent sexytime encounter" of Rudy Giuliani hours before a presidential debate.

Giuliani categorically denied any misconduct in a tweet made on Wednesday, October 22, writing: "The Borat video is a complete fabrication. I was tucking in my shirt after taking off the recording equipment."




At a news conference held at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington DC, Giuliani has embarrassed himself again.

His hair dye seemed to start flowing when the cameras were focused on him, leaving him with a brown line of sweat and dye extending from the tip of his ear to his chin, which social media users have observed and lampooned.

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Article Source: vt.co

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