Rose succulents might be exactly what you need for your collection.

Rose succulents might be exactly what you need for your collection.

Are you a sucker for succulents? These rose succulents might exactly be what you need to revamp your succulent obsession.

Succulents are one of the most low maintenance yet fun plants to display around your house. They come in different, shapes colors, and sizes. One of the succulents taking over the internet nowadays is these beautiful rose succulents that look like they come straight out of a fairy tale.



You can plant them in your outdoor garden as well as in small pots and display them around the house. You will be amazed at how perfectly symmetrical they look. Nature has different ways of creating marvels for us to enjoy.



These rose-like succulents come under the name ‘Greenovia Dodrentalis’ and are known for their curved and layered petals that make them reminiscent of roses.



Greenovia Dodrentalis is native to the Canary Islands but thanks to the recent popularity they got, they are now easily available in many plant nurseries around the world. You can also find them online.



As much as their popularity is a good thing, it also poses a threat to wild plants since they are now in danger of being plucked by tourists. This over-collection can lead to their extinction from the wild.



These succulents are very easy to grow. All you have to do is get some seeds, plant them in a shallow tray and keep them in a bright, well-lit window pane. If you want to keep them outside, start by placing them in the garage to accustom them to the atmosphere.



Image source: Instragram

Article source: Diply 

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