Ron Howard and his wife celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first date In The Same Car.

Ron Howard and his wife celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first date In The Same Car.

The famous actor & director has presented an example of long term relationships and their healthy life to the younger generation of nowadays.

Long term relationships are not at all easy to go. You have your ups and downs but what matters is your commitment, devotion and a memory that always sticks with you of why you started whatever it was. Whether it's a relationship or a long term goal. You have to be consistent and work to never let go of that spark to keep it alive and healthy. 




This was something that one of our fav stars taught us only by sharing a post with his wife that was captioned as: 
"Nov 1 1970 Cheryl & I went on our 1st date. We went to see a re-release of Stanley Kramer’s It’s a Mad Mad Mad World and then got some pizza at now defunct Barnone’s in Toluca Lake. Quite a start, right?"




You think your partner would wear your picture bearing socks with such love and care? But Ron still knows how to win hearts and bring smile to his high school sweetheart!




The star celebrated his 50th first date anniversary with his wife and looks fresh and happy as ever. Girls loved and idealized Ron in Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. He was such a sweetheart then that every girl dreamt of what an amazing boyfriend he would be. 




He expressed how he feels for his wife openly who was a high school sweetheart and is with him now 50 years later. 


Instagram | @realronhoward


On Sunday, the Oscar-winning director celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first date with Cheryl, and showed-off the amusingly sweet gifts they got for each other.


Instagram | @realronhoward


Howard shared with his fans on Instagram and likewise he taught that a relationship will remain there until the spark is there. So better win each other by celebrating such small happy events and things.

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