Restaurant workers enjoy tips worth $34,000 amidst the Tip War between rival universities.

Restaurant workers enjoy tips worth $34,000 amidst the Tip War between rival universities.

Students from two rival schools in Ohio end up giving restaurant workers a whopping $34000 tip amidst a tip war.

Rivalries between different universities can manifest in different ways. Sometimes you see it in sports, sometimes spelling bee competitions at other times things get heated at MUN conferences and science exhibits. However, this recent feat between supporters of Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati has left us speechless. Last month, students and alumni of both universities started tipping each other out at a local restaurant. It all began at Zip’s Café in Cincinnati in early January, when a Xavier alumnus visited the restaurant and was served by a fellow former student. After finishing his meal, the alumnus left a $1,000 tip on a $54 bill along with a note to the server, reading,

“Please share this tip with all of your employees as they work so hard and are dealing with COVID. Go Xavier!”


Blown away by this gesture, the staff shared a picture of the note and tip on social media to express their gratitude. Little did they know that in doing so they will spur up some competitive feelings from supporters of the University of Cincinnati.
Two fans of the school decided to demonstrate their own generosity while visiting the Keystone Bar & Grill, located just six miles from Zip’s Café. In an effort to quite literally one-up their university rivals, they left a tip of $1,001.
The accompanying note read,

“Earlier this week I saw a Xavier fan tip $1,000 at Zip’s. I believe now more than ever we need to support our local restaurants. Let’s see how long we can keep this going … Bearcats up by 1!!”



The patrons wished to be anonymous but Keystone Bar & Grill shared a picture of the note on Facebook since they were asked to share the photo toinspire others to do the same for those in the service industry’.
Encouraging more people to get involved with the tip-war, the restaurant wrote:

“It’s your turn, Xavier fans! Who will be one-upping the Bearcats by leaving a $1,002 tip at your favorite local bar or restaurant?”

Over the following weeks, supporters of Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati left bigger and bigger tips, ultimately gifting more than $34,000 for restaurant workers all over the city.
The two universities are only a few miles apart and have had one of the longest rivalries.



Speaking to CNN, Mike Burke, owner of Zip’s Café, commented,

“I think the proximity has definitely helped drive the traction on this very generous, feel good movement. Money aside, I know this has put smiles on faces of everyone impacted and even put smiles on faces of those not directly involved. I have to say, we could all certainly use some more smiles these days.”

Despite the intentions behind this tip war, it proved especially beneficial for the restaurant staff that has been majorly affected by the ongoing pandemic.

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Article and Image Source: Unilad

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