Red Hot has already started a campaign for 'Super' Ginger Men 2022 Calendar on Kickstarter.

Red Hot has already started a campaign for 'Super' Ginger Men 2022 Calendar on Kickstarter.

Male models are wanted for a new 2022 calendar - though not just any old blokes, but... 'Super Gingers'.

The Super Ginger calendar has been a favorite among ladies of all ages and to be honest, I cannot find a reason why it should not be.



The company behind the calendar, Red Hot, has been rolling out calendars with gorgeous red-headed men since 2016. For its 2022 calendar, the company has launched its Kickstarter campaign and has already topped its goal even though there are still 10 days left.
With promises of the 'hottest' redheads out there, the calendar will celebrate 'the most intense ginger locks you have ever seen. The organizers need models for the project - 12 of them, to be precise - meaning if you're a flame-haired hottie then now's your time to step forward.



The Kickstarted page description says,

“This is the year of the SUPER GINGERS. 12 of the hottest guys with the boldest and most striking orange hair on planet earth star in our most confident and editorial calendar to date. Inspired by the decade that brought excess, glamour, sex, MTV, tabloid drama and the rise of the Supermodel, we are making it over the top, we are bringing back the 90's. Auburn? Strawberry blond? Forget about it. We want NEON ORANGE. It's time for the SUPER GINGERS.”



This year's calendar is expected to be the most successful campaign in the last nine years of Red Hot - a movement from photographer Thomas Knights, which aims to change the landscape for redheads through 'a series of art books, calendars and photographic exhibitions. He said,

“In society and somewhat within the ginger community, there has always been a bit of a hierarchy. Boys born with neon orange hair were classed as the unfortunates. If a child was born with auburn hair, like myself, people would say in a backhanded compliment 'at least he doesn't have that bright orange hair'. Well, in the world of Red Hot, we like to flip the switch. We think this extremely rare, bright orange hair colour should be celebrated. We think they are the ultimate redheads, superhuman, brightening up the world and bringing colour everywhere they go. To us, they are superheroes, they are the Super Gingers.”



I cannot wait for the calendar. Can you?

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Article source: LadBible

Image Source: Facebook

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