Rebel Wilson Made A Huge $250k Donation And Helped 20 Students Through University.

Rebel Wilson Made A Huge $250k Donation And Helped 20 Students Through University.

The 40-year-old actress, Rebel Wilson puts the $250k donation to great use when she brought 20 students through university in 2016 and now they have graduated successfully.

Donations are something that help you feel good although they aren't very easy to make. Only people who are eligible to do so can do that and some of them spend it on some extremely good purposes like career etc.




Rebel Wilson has been seen on social media due to a number of reasons, one of them was her incredible weight loss journey and her goals. Now her huge donation to students who needed to go to universities was amazing. She posted to her Instagram, and was thrilled to share a video which included the students who have all faced adversity. 




She happily shared a post on Instagram and said “Money well spent!”. She has proudly shared the achievements of the students she sponsored since 2016, which have gone on to graduate from school and qualify for university in Tanzania. 

The donation has done something outrageous and even Rebel is proud of the students who graduated.
‘I am so proud of the 20 graduates who now are funded to go to university using the $250, 000 prize money I just won on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? last month,’ Rebel added. 




She further went on to wish the students well, particularly those who she remembers meeting in the USA.

She posted a footage and in that students thanked Rebel Wilson for her support during the crucial academic years.

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Article and Image source: Diply

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